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Best scores

Best of the year, 2021

Mens Gross         67  Scott Law - 14 January 2021

Mens Nett            61  Graham Watts

Womens Gross    85 Denise Goile

Womens Nett       64 Jill Webber

Latest News and Results

Pirongia Golf Results

Sunday 4 April 2021

The final round of the Secretaries Trophy was played for today with Hans Nieremeijer securing the win with a two round nett score of 136.

The Scramble on nett


Tyne Watts 70 Phillip Eyre 72 Bill Fox 74 Ken Bardsley 74 Barrie Johnston 74 Derek Boyle 74


Pete Morris 68 Dave McKnight 73 Addy Nieremeijer 74 Dave Peryer 75 Grant Morgan 76 Jon Puka 76 Ron Cogswell 76

Twos Addy Nieremeijer Bob Kiddie Ken Bardsley Bill Fox Jack Hjorth Garry Bowman (2)

Senior Jackpot - Garry Bowman $14.50

Longest Putt - Ken Bardsley

Closest to Pin - Doug Grantham

Clubday Sunday 28 March 2021

As the greens recover from their coring and sanding the scores are improving as well.

Brent Keene shot a 1 over par 73 to take out the senior scramble with a 67 nett. Addy Nieremeijer headed the juniors with a 68 nett. Scramble results on nett.


Brent Keene 67 Hans Nieremeijer 69 John McCormick 70 Derek Boyle 70 Dave McKnight 72 Phillip Eyre 72 Kevin Appleby 72

Ken Bardsley 73


Addy Nieremeijer 68 David Strawbridge 71 David Peryer 73 Ron Cogswell 73 Mark Seager 73 Rob Brettell 73

Twos David Peryer Paul Davie Dave McKnight Rob Taylor

Longest Putt - Terry Charlesworth

Closest to the Pin - Derek Boyle

Next week 3rd Round of the Secretaries Cup  

Clubday 21 February 2020

Hot dry conditions prevailed at the Pirongia Golf Club today.

Scoring reflected the conditions with some excellent cards coming in.

Bill Fox played to his age today shooting an 80 off the stick.

Scramble on Stableford


Bill Fox 40, John McCormick 40, Rob Taylor 38, Gary Russo 38, Brent Keene 38, Dave Seager 37, Derek Boyle 37.


Grant Morgan 39, Terry Charlesworth 39, Barry Cavey 37, Lynda Morgan 36, Dick Thomas 35, Jim Dunn 34.


Garry Bowman, Steve Law, Arron Kelly, Jason Kraayvanger, Grant Clow, Jack Hjorth, Rob Taylor ,Garry Russo.

Longest Putt - Steve Law

Closest to Pin - Grant Clow.

The course will be closed next Sunday to host a round of the Handicap Strokeplay Pennants. Reciprocal rights with other clubs will be availible.  

Sunday 7th February 2021

The second round of the Ryan Cup was played today with some excellent scores coming in.

Grant Clow had the round of the day with a 65 nett to win the junior division. Garry Bowman had another par round of 72 to have a second consecutive 67 nett to have him leading the Ryan cup after two rounds.

Jack Hjorth was the winner of the January Race to 500 bar tab.

Scott Law won the longest drive at the Western Open played at Piopio on Saturday.

Scramble on Nett

Senior Garry Bowman 67 Gary Russo 69 Steve Law 72 Bill Fox 72 Derek Boyle 73 Jack Hjorth 73 Brent Keene 74 Rob Taylor 75 Junior Grant Clow 65 Dave Peryer 67 Dick Thomas 67 Charlie Coles 68 Jackson Brown 70 Addy Nieremeijer 71 Ron Cogswell 72 Barry Cavey 72 Lynda Morgan 72 Grant Morgan 73

Twos Jackson Brown - Bill Fox

Longest Putt - Lynda Morgan Closest to Pin - Derek Hill

Next Week Final round of the Ryan Cup Sunday


24th January 2021

The Summer Cup winner is Steve Law.

With consistent rounds of 38 , 35 ,35, 38 for a four round total of 146, Steve was 2 shots better than Terry Charlesworth on 144. Scramble on Stableford


Craig McKellow 42 Steve Law 38 Derek Boyle 38 Garry Bowman 38 Ash Smith 37 Rob Taylor 35 Dave Seager 34


Ross Scown 39 Rob Brettell 37 Kevin Nickson 36 Lynda Morgan 35 Don Matson 35 Grant Morgan 35 Terry Charlesworth 34

Twos Derek Boyle - Craig McKellow - Rob Taylor - Garry Russo

Longest Putt - Hans Nieremeijer

Next 3 weeks Ryan Cup Race to 500 starts next week.

Sunday 17th January 2021

Summer Cup 3rd round

Rob Brettell produced the round of the day with 45 stableford points.

The 18 handicapper shot 81 with halves of 42 and 39 to head the field.

The summer cup 3rd round has Scott Law on 113 stableford in the lead.

Close behind are TC on 110 , Ken Bardsley and Dick Thomas 109 and Steve Law 108.


Senior Phil Davis 38 Mark Brown 37 Phillip Eyre 36 Scott Law 36 Michael Harvey 36 Derek Boyle 35 Steve Law 35 Rob Taylor 35 Dave Seager 35 Tu Windsor 35 Aaron Kelly 34

Junior Rob Brettell 45 Lynda Morgan 40 Caleb Williams 39 Jim Dunn 39 Dave Lamb 39 Guy Livingston 38 Kevin Nickson 37 Terry Charlesworth 37 Pete Morris 36 Dick Thomas 35

Longest Putt - Grant Clow

Closest to Pin - Aaron Kelly

Twos Phil Davis - Michael Harvey - Aaron Kelly 


Sunday 10th January 2021

The 2nd round of the summer cup was held today in excellent conditions for good golf.

Andrew Macky headed the juniors with 40 points, and was the best stableford score of the day.

Hans Nieremeijer who has just returned from playing 13 courses in the Wellington region with his wife Addy , had 38 points to take out the Senior Division.

Scott Law continued his good form with his 3rd 3 under par round of 69 in three weeks.

The Senior Jackpot ($8) was struck by Ken Bardsley with twos on 5 and 13. The Junior Jackpot ($71.50) was also struck with Dave Strawbridge having a two on 13 and a birdie on 17.



Hans Nieremeijer 39 Scott Law 38 Ken Bardsley 37 Phillip Eyre 36 Ben Jefferies 36 Rob Taylor 36 Jack Hjorth 35 Steve Law 35 Junior

Andrew Macky 40 Grant Clow 39 Terry Charlesworth 38 David Peryer 37 Dick Thomas 36 Paul Davie 36 Guy Livingston 36 Dave Strawbridge 36

Twos Derek Boyle Malcolm Verner Ken Bardsley (2) Dave Strawbridge

Longest Putt - Andrew Macky Closest to Pin - Derek Boyle  

Sunday 3rd January 2021.

The best of 2020 scores were as follows:

Gross Men - Garry Bowman 68

Gross Ladies - Denise Goile 84

Nett Men - Guy Livingston 61

Nett Ladies - Pam Hughes 60.

1st round of the 4 round Summer Cup completed today.

Scott Law had the course to his liking today shooting a 3 under 69 and 39 stableford points to take out the senior scramble.

Dick Thomas racked up 38 stablefords to win the junior division.


Senior Scott Law 39 Ken Bardsley 39 Steve Law 38 Kevin Appleby 37 John McCormick 37 Michael Harvey 36 Rob Taylor 35

Junior Dick Thomas 38 Dave Lamb 37 Charlie Coles 37 Terry Charlesworth 35 Grant Morgan 34 Lynda Morgan 34 Denise Goile 33

Twos Scott Law (2) Kevin Appleby.

Senior Jackpot - Scott Law $15

Longest Putt - Brent Keene

Closest to Pin - Michael Harvey  


13 December 2020

AGM and Tray Parkes Trophy The annual AGM was held today and at the conclusion Life membership was bestowed upon Ross Scown.

Ross has contributed to the club in many ways and fully deserves the recognition confered upon him.

The Tray Parkes Trophy was contested for and the mens winner was Barry Cavey with a hot 65 net. Lynda Morgan with a 72 net headed the Ladies field.

Scramble on Nett

Senior Dave Seager 69 Tyne Watts 71 Scott Law 73 Bill Fox 73 Ken Bardsley 74 Matt Carson 75 Steve Law 76 Hans Nieremeijer 78 Junior Barry Cavey 65 Terry Charlesworth 72 Lynda Morgan 72 Keith Ormsby 74 Dave Peryer 75 Ross Scown 75 Grant Morgan 76 Charlie Coles 77

Twos Steve Law,Phillip Eyre,Tyne Watts, Dave Seager (2)

Closest to Pin - Terry Charlesworth

Longest Putt - Charlie Coles Senior Jackpot - Dave Seager




Pirongia Christmas Open Results

Excellent conditions greeted golfers for the Christmas Tournament.

The course was in pristine condition and no placing was allowed. Te Kowhai's Matt Mauriohooho's 72 off the stick was the standout round of the day.

Senior Gross - Matt Mauriohooho 72 Senior Nett - Gary Russo 68 Senior Stableford - Keith Hedges 37

Intermediate Nett - Guy Livingston - 71 Intermediate Stableford - Phillip Eyre - 35

Junior Nett - Caleb Williams - 72 Junior Stableford - Kevin Nickson - 35

Ladies Nett - Dianne Stockdale - 73 Ladies Stableford - Nicky Kirsopp - 33

Longest Drive Senior - Scott Law Intermediate - Tu Windsor Junior - Caleb Williams Ladies - Di Stockdale

Closest to Pin Senior - Michael Harvey Intermediate - Dave McKnight

Twos Murray Barclay,Scott Law,Brent Keene,Gary Russo,Nick Kersopp Sonny Te Kanawa,Matt Carson,Dave Seager,Keith Hedges Doug Grantham,Bill Fox,Colin Hughes,Tu Windsor,Di Stockdale

Next week AGM 9.45 followed by Closed Christmas Clubday 30 November 2020

Race to 500 and Bainbridge Rosebowl winners found today.

The Kumar Holdings sponsored Race to 500 winner is Kevin Nickson. Kevin Nicksons' 37 points was enough to hold out Scott Law and Dave Lamb on 33. Barry Cavey with 29 was 4th.

In the Bainbridge Rosebowl Tyne Watts beat Dave Lamb 1 up.

3 down after 9 holes Watts fought back to be 1 up playing the 18th and a half secured the win.

Players are to be congratulated on playing in what was less than ideal conditions. 

Clubday 22 November 2020

Bainbridge Rosebowl Finalists found and Race to 500 four decided.

Tyne Watts and Dave Lamb will contest the unofficial handicap matchplay championship final when they meet next week.

Tyne Watts accounted for Hans Nieremeijer 7/6 while Dave Lamb was against Gary Russo 4/3.

The Race to 500 will be contested between Barry Cavey , Dave Lamb , Kevin Nickson and Scott Law.

The winner being the finalist with the most stableford points on the day.

Scramble - Stableford

Senior Dave Seager 36 Gary Bowman 36 Stephen Law 35 Bill Fox 35 Scott Law 34 Tyne Watts 34 Ken Bardsley 34

Junior Paul Davie 41 Guy Livingston 38 David Strawbridge 38 Lynda Margan 37 Kevin Nickson 37 Dave Lamb 36 Addy Nieremeijer 35 Denise Goile 35 Grant Morgan 35

Twos Garry Bowman Denise Goile Dave Deryer Hans Nieremeijer Dave Strawbridge Gary Russo

Longest Putt - Dave Seager Closest to Pin - Denise Goile

1 Novenber 2020

Annual Hockey Golf Tournament

A bumper field of 108 starters enjoyed the Pirongia Golf Course on Sunday.

The course was in fantastic condition and many favourable comments made.

The tournament was well supported by Pirongia members and other Waikato clubs.

Dean Scott shot a 2 over 74 to win the mens senior gross. Te Awamutu's Ani Bahler won the Ladies gross with a 89.


Senior Men Gross - Dean Scott 74 Intermediate Gross - Rodney Martel 83 Junior Gross - Mario LeRoux 85

Senior Men Nett - Murray Barclay 70 Intermediate Men Nett - Rhys McLachlan 69 Junior Men Nett - Pat Ryan 67

Senior Men Stableford - Jack Hjorth 37 Intermediate Men Stableford - Bryan Penny 39 Junior Men Stableford - Keith Ormsby 39

Ladies Gross - Ani Bahler 89 Ladies Net - Lynette LeRoux 72 Bashers - Doug Saunders


Scott Law (2) Brent Keene Ken Bardsley Emma Yarndley Ani Bahler  


Clubday 25th October 2020

The Matson / Tocker Trophy was played for today with the winners being the best combined stableford pair.

Jack Hjorth and Keith Ormsby were the winners with 75 points to beat 3 other scores on 74.

Scramble on Stableford

Senior Jack Hjorth 41 Hans Nieremeijer 39 Mark Brown 39 Tom McNarmara 36 Colin Vincent 36 Kevin Appleby 36 Doug Grantham 35 Gary Russo 35 Graham Counter 35 Scott Law 35

Junior Addy Nieremeijer 41 Josh Balloch 41 Grant Clow 38 Dave Peryer 37 Charlie Coles 37 Terry Charlesworth 35 Grant Morgan 34 Keith Ormsby 34

Twos Brent Keene Derek Boyle Gary Russo Colin Vincent Addy Nieremeijer

Longest Putt - David Strawbridge

Closest to Pin - Kevin Nickson

Next Week Hockey Tournament  

Clubday 18th October 2020

The Captains Trophy was decided today with Steve Law and Pat Ryan combining with nett 66 and nett 65 to take out the trophy.

Scramble on nett.


Steve Law 66 John McCormick 70 Derek Boyle 72 Bill Fox 72 Dave McKnight 72 Ken Bardsley 73 Garry Bowman 73

Jack Hjorth 75 Murray Barclay 75 Scott Law 75 Andrew Parsons 76


Pat Ryan 65 Dave Peryer 69 Grant Morgan 70 Charlie Coles 70 Paul Davie 71 Ron Cogswell 72 Barry Cavey 72 Ross Scown 72

Twos Dave McKnight - Scott Law- Kevin Thirkill Ron Cogswell - Paul Davie - Pat Ryan

Closest to Pin - Pat Ryan

Longest Putt - Grant Morgan

Labour Day Scramble next Sunday

Hockey Tournament 1st November

Clubday 11 October 2020

A cool northerly wind greeted golfers today to contest the weekend clubday scramble.

Scoring has been improving recently with a bit more run on the fairways.

Scramble on Stableford

Senior Bill Fox 40 John McCormick 37 Gary Russo 37 Tyne Watts 37 Andrew Parsons 35 Jack Hjorth 34 Rob Taylor 34 Steve Law 33

Junior Grant Clow 42 Terry Charlesworth 41 Charlie Coles 40 Dave Peryer 40 Dave Lamb 40 Don Matson 38 Paul Davie 34

Twos - Hans Nieremeijer - Kevin Appleby

Longest Putt - Garry Bowman

Closest to Pin - Kevin Appleby

Next Week - Captains Trophy

Labour Weekend Scramble

Hockey Tournament 1 November Club day 20 September 2020

Another beautiful day on the fairways at Pirongia.

The course was toughened up today with placing on own mown fairway. Although not as long as the Winged Foot rough it made conditions that much harder.

Scramble on Stableford


Dave McKnight 39 Bill Fox 35 Scott Law 34 Jack Hjorth 34 Garry Bowman 33 Kevin Appleby 33 Andrew Parsons 33 Derek Boyle 32 Steve Law 32 Dave Seager 29


Paul Davie 37 Dave Peryer 36 Grant Clow 35 Celeb Williams 34 Dave Lamb 34 Charlie Coles 34 Don Matson 34 Rob Brettell 33 Lynda Morgan 32 Dick Thomas 32

Twos - Barry Cavey - Scott Law - Ken Bardsley

Longest Putt - Scott Law

Closest to the Pin - Barry Cavey

Next week King Country Champs at PioPio.  


Clubday 13th September 2020

 With a busy week by Mike and his band of volunteers the greens were cored , sanded and seeded for the spring.

A two putt max was implemented with the scoring not too bad considering the greens renovation.


Senior Phillip Eyre 38 Hans Nieremeijer 37 Kevin Appleby 35 Jack Hjorth 34 Dave McKnight 34 Garry Bowman 33 Rob Taylor 31 Tyne Watts 30


Lynda Morgan 41 Kevin Nickson 40 Barry Cavey 37 Paul Davie 37 Ross Scown 36 Terry Charlesworth 35 Dave Peryer 35 Dave Strawbridge 35 Don Matson 34

Longest Putt - Ross Scown

Twos - Garry Bowman and Phillip Eyre  

Pirongia Golf Results 6 September 2020

Today was a fundraising day for long serving and former president Daryl Baty. Daryl has sufferered from Crohns Colitis for 35 years. The day raised just over $2500 for his on going care and treatment. It was great to see Daryl at golf today enjoying the company of golfing mates.

Scramble on Stableford

Senior Andrew Johnston 40 Hans Nieremeijer 38 Gary Russo 37 Kevin Appleby 34 Phillip Eyre 33 Rob Taylor 33 Steve Law 32 Garry Bowman 32

Junior Terry Charlesworth 40 Charlie Coles 35 Guy Livingston 34 Don Matson 34 Pat Ryan 34 Lynda Morgan 34 Addy Nieremeijer 33 Grant Morgan 33 Denise Goile 32

Twos Garry Russo - Jack Hjorth - Andrew Johnston (2)

Senior Jackpot - Andrew Johnston $40

Longest Putt - Denise Goile

Closest to Pin - Derek Boyle

Longest Drives Ladies - Emma Yarndley Senior Men - Tyne Watts Junior Men - Dave Peryer

Scott Law claims Senior Matchplay

Scott Law wins 11/10 over Malcolm Verner to win 5th straight matchplay title at Pirongia. Law was in fine form shooting a 4 under 68 for the first 18 holes to have a 6 shot lead. Law followed this up with a 4 under 32 on the next nine holes to win the match 11 and 10. Law finished the second 18 holes and ended up posting a personal best round of 65 ,7 under par.  

Pirongia Golf Results 30 August 2020

The Intermediate and Junior matchplay finals were held on Sunday.

Barry Cavey and Don Matson had a battle in the Junior Division.

The 36 hole hole final going 32 holes with Matson the winner.

The intermediate final was between Bill Fox and Mark Brown.

The veteran Fox taking the title on the 35th hole.

Scramble on Stableford


Kevin Appleby 38 Murray Barclay 37 Brent Keene 37 John McCormick 35 Derek Boyle 34 Garry Russo 33


Don Matson 38 Dave Peryer 36 Grant Clow 34 Dave Lamb 33 Kevin Nickson 31 Dave Strawbridge 30

Twos - John McCormick - Derek Boyle - Grant Clow

Longest Putt - Andrew Johnston

Closest to Pin - Dave Lamb  

PGC Clubday 23 August 2020

The final of the Junior B Matchplay was held today with Josh Balloch facing Ross Scown over the 18 hole final.

Balloch had a 2 hole lead after 9 holes and was in control all the way with a win on the 16th hole claiming the match 4 and 2.

Scramble on Stableford


Brent Keene 38 Dave McKnight 37 Dave Seager 37 Derek Boyle 34 Bill Fox 33 Phillip Eyre 33 Jack Hjorth 33


Ron Cogswell 36 Dave Strawbridge 35 Barry Cavey 35 Dick Thomas 35 Josh Balloch 34 Dave Peryer 34 Paul Davie 34

Twos Barry Cavey - Brent Keene - Garry Bowman - Derek Boyle

Longest Putt - Dave Seager

Closest to Pin - Dave Lamb  


PGC Clubday 16 August 2020

Semi finals of matchplay today. In the seniors Scott Law had a battle against Garry Bowman with Bowman going 2 up after 6 holes. Law fought back and was 1 up heading down the 18th and secured the half to win 1 up.

Tyne Watts encountered Malcolm Verner in hot form and lost on the 14th 5 and 4.

The senior final over 36 holes next week Scott Law v Malcolm Verner.

36 hole Intermediate final Bill Fox and Mark Brown.

36 hole Junior final Barry Cavey v Don Matson.

18 hole Junior B final Ross Scown v Josh Balloch

Scramble - Stableford

Senior Ken Bardsley 37 Bill Fox 37 Andrew Johnston 36 Dave McKnight 35 Barry Fordham 34 Gary Russo 34 Garry Bowman 34 Scott Law 33 Phillip Eyre 33

Junior Don Matson 40 Denise Goile 38 Barry Cavey 36 Ross Scown 35 Dave Lamb 35 Josh Balloch 34 Paul Davie 32 Guy Livingston 32

Twos Derek Boyle,Garry Bowman,Ken Bardsley,Gary Russo.

Longest Putt - Don Matson Closest to Pin - Josh Balloch  

Pirongia Golf Results 9 August 2020

Quarter finals of match play champs completed today and the scramble on Stableford.

Scott Law shot a 1 under 71 to win the senior scramble with 37 points.

Ngahinepouri and Pirongia member Josh Balloch had 37 points to take out the junior honours.


Scott Law 37 Matt Carson 36 Kevin Hooker 36 Derek Boyle 36 Tom McNarmara 35 John McCormick 35 Bill Fox 34

Tyne Watts 33 Andrew Aiken 33 Garry Bowman 32


Josh Balloch 37 Terry Charlesworth 34 Dave Lamb 34 Paul Davie 34 Barry Cavey 32 Don Matson 32 Dave McKnight 32

Twos Derek Boyle - Garry Bowman - Scott Law - Dave McKnight.

Longest Putt - Paul Davie

Closest to Pin - John McCormick  

2nd August 2020 Scramble - Stableford


Garry Bowman 35 Mark Brown 34 Dave Seager 34 Gary Russo 34 Andrew Johnston 33 Bill Fox 33 Tyne Watts 32 Phillip Eyre 32


Don Matson 37 Dave McKnight 33 Ross Scown 33 Charlie Coles 33 Kevin Nickson 32 Guy Livingston 31

Twos Jack Hjorth - Charlie Coles - Dave Seager

Longest Putt - Garry Bowman

Closest to PIn - Brent Keene

Bill Fox won the July Race to 500 $50 Bar Tab.


Pirongia Golf Club Clubday Results

19 July 2020

Strokeplay Champions Decided

The 4th round of the strokeplay champs were completed today.

In the senior division Scott Law regained the title after rounds of 70,76,75,75 to total 296. Runner Up was Malcolm Verner on 302

Phillip Eyre was a runaway winner in the Intermediates with rounds of 85,80,88,83 to total 336. Runner Up was Steve Law on 349.

Jim Dunn 93,90,90,96 for 369 lead the juniors. Runner Up Charlie Coles 375.

President Paul Davie with 93,94,97,97,for 381 won the Junior B , 14 shots clear of Ross Scown 395.

Scramble - Stableford

Senior Rhys O'Connor 37 Reagan Kidd 37 Steve Kidd 36 Phillip Eyre 35 Bill Fox 34 John McCormick 34 Jake Death 34 Brad Running 34

Junior Ross Scown 34 Charlie Coles 34 Don Matson 33 Bruce Goile 32 Denise Goile 32 Barry Cavey 32 Paul Davie 32

Twos Kevin Nickson,Ken Bardsley,Garry Bowman Dave Seager,Phillip Eyre (2), Jake Death

Senior Jackpot - Phillip Eyre Longest Putt - Matt Carson Closest to Pin - Brad Running.

Great to see visitors from Riverside enjoying our course as their course was closed hosting the Waikato Winter Strokeplay.

Get your names to Dave Lamb for the Open next week.

Andrew Johnston was the golfer of the day today touring the course with a 77 gross to accumulate 39 stableford points.

Brent Keene for the second week in a row had 2 twos to take the senior jackpot again.

Strokeplay standings will be posted here later and also on the website.

Scramble Stableford


Andrew Johnston 39,Bill Fox 34,Brent Keene 34 Tyne Watts 33,Andrew Parsons 33,Scott Law 33 Steve Law 33,Mark Brown 33,Derek Boyle 32


Ross Scown 37,Jim Dunn 35,Dave Lamb 34 Paul Davie 34,Don Matson 34,Charlie Coles 34 Rob Brettell 33, Barry Cavey 31

Twos Derek Boyle, Josh Law , Brent Keene (2)

Closest to Pin - Brent Keene

Longest Putt - Dave Lamb 

Club Day Sunday 5th July 2020

44 Starters enjoyed the course today in the second round of the strokeplay championships.

Some golfers took the opportunity to play 36 holes so identifying the leaders is a bit tricky.

Standings will become clearer next week after the third round.

Scramble on Stableford


Phillip Eyre 38,Andrew Parsons 36,Brent Keene 36 Dave Seager 35,Gary Russo 35,Jack Hjorth 35 Tyne Watts 34,Bill Fox 33,

Mark Brown 33 Barry Fordham 32. Scott Law 32, Ross Briffault 32


Paul Davie 36,Jim Dunn 35,Dave Lamb 34 Barry Cavey 34,Lynda Morgan 33,Grant Clow 33 Charlie Coles 33,

Don Matson 33,Addy Nieremeijer 32


Brent Keene (2),Dave Seager,Gary Russo

Jackpot - Brent Keene

Closest to Pin - Andrew Parsons

Longest Putt - Barry Fordham

Pirongia Golf 28 June 2020

A big day at Pirongia today with the final of the Pitchford Trophy and the first round of the 2020 Strokeplay Championships.

In the Pitchford Trophy , Andrew Parsons and Andrew Macky took on the experienced Ross Scown and Phillip Eyre.

The match went down to the wire with Scown and Eyre taking out the match 1 up after the 18 hole battle.

Scott Law shot a 2 under 70 to have a three shot lead over Ben Jefferies in the senior division.

John McCormick and Steve Law shot 83's to lead the Intermediate Division.

Jim Dunn with 93 heads the Juniors and Kevin Nickson with a 93 heads the Junior B's.

Scramble - Stableford

Senior Scott Law 38,John McCormick 37, Garry Russo 36 Steve Law 36, Derek Boyle 35, Murray Barclay 35 Hans Nieremeijer 34, Tyne Watts 34, Bill Fox 34

Junior Paul Davie 37, Kevin Nickson 36, Jack Muriwai 36 Noel Evans 35, Rob Brettell 35, Lance Udy 33 Bill Shaw 33, Dave Peryer 32, Dick Thomas 32

Twos - Rob Taylor , Gary Russo

Longest Putt - Bryce Peperell

Closest to Pin - Scott Law

Visitors from Stewart Alexander were also present today as a Waikato event was held at the Stewart Alexander Course.  


The Bill Innes Putter was contested for today with Jack Hjorth taking out the honours with 25 putts.

The scramble on stableford.


Kevin Appleby 35 Jack Hjorth 35 Derek Boyle 34 Brent Keene 34 John McCormick 33 Ken Bardsley 33 Mark Brown 32


Charlie Coles 37 Dave Strawbridge 35 Jim Dunn 33 Dick Thomas 33 Dave McKnight 33 Barry Cavey 32 Addy Nieremeijer 32

Twos Charlie Coles - Ken Bardsley - Dave Lamb

Longest Putt and Closest to Pin - Charlie Coles.

Next Week 1st Round of Strokeplay Champs Divisions will be based on Handicap Index

Senior 0-12 Intermediate 13-18 Junior 19-24 Junior B 25+

There will also be the option to play 36 holes in one day if players cant play on all 4 Sundays.

Championship Pennants team lost their semi final 2.5 to 3.5 against Ngaruawahia at St Andrews on Sunday.  



On the representative scene Pirongia headed to Waihi to try and qualify for the finals of division 2 Championship pennants.

In the morning round Pirongia narrowly lost to Ngaruawahia 3.5 to 2.5.

They therefore had to beat Thames to book a place in the semi finals to be held at St Andrews next week.

Early wins to Andrew Parsons and Malcolm Verner got the team off to a hot start.

Matt Carson secured the 3rd win.

Shawn Gielen couldnt quite muster his best and lost his match.

It was down to Scott Law or Ben Vincent to secure a win.

Ben Vincent won comfortably 4/3 while Scott Law after being 4 up thru 5 won 2 up on the 18th.

Pirongia will play Ngaruawahia in the semi final next week.

The Handicap Strokeplay team headed to Ngaruawahia to contest the final of this 27 hole 4 person nett team event.

The team finished a credible 4th place , 18 shots behind the winners Coromandal.

Team Nett Scores

Derek Boyle 88 and 32 Pete Morris 74 and 35 Don Matson 77 and 37 Dave Lamb 79 and 42

Clubday Scramble

Senior Hans Nieremeijer 38 Garry Bowman 34 Gary Russo 34 Dave McKnight 34 Steve Law 33

Junior Paul Davie 34 Dave Strawbridge 32 Dick Thomas 32 Ian Grey 31

Twos - Tyne Watts

Longest Putt - John McCormick

Closest to Pin - Grant Morgan  


Sunday 31 May 2020

Scramble - Stableford


Andrew Johnston 39 Ben Jefferies 37 Steve Law 36 Scott Law 36 Garry Bowman 34 John McCormick 33 Rob Taylor 33 Bill Fox 33 Brent Keene 32


Barry Cavey 36 Grant Morgan 35 Ross Scown 33 Lynda Morgan 32 Paul Davie 32 Charlie Coles 30

Twos - Jack Hjorth -Dave Lamb - Brent Keene - Steve Law

Longest Putt - Ben Jefferies

Closest to Pin - Hans Nieremeijer

Junior Jack pot - Dave Lamb two on 13 and birdie 18.

Midweek Golf Robs Day Thursday 28 May 2020

With the greens a bit slicker than they have been, scoring should have been red hot but this was not the case with only 3 of the 31 starters scoring 36 points or more.

Phillip Eyre continued his good form to top the table with 39 stableford points.

Best of the rest:

Andrew Macky 38 Bruce Goile 37 Steve Law 34 Dennis Seekup 33 Bill Fox 32 Peter Kirk 32 Derek Boyle 32

Dave Seager 31 Murray Barclay 31 Denise Goile 31

Closest to Pin - Hans Nieremeijer

Longest Putt - Ian Grey  

Pirongia Golf Club Clubday 24 May 2020

38 starters today with outstanding course conditions.

40 points ruled the roost in both the senior and junior divisions.

Ken Bardsley shot a 77 gross to tally 40 stableford points

Andrew Johnston also had 40 points.

Ross Scown had 40 points to top the juniors.

Pitchford Trophy semi finalists have been found:

Andrew Parsons and Andrew Macky beat Bill Fox and Murray Barclay they will play Brent Keene and Derek Boyle after they beat Dave Lamb and Kevin Nickson.

On the other side of the draw Steve Law and Scott Law were victorious over Paul Davie and Don Matson.

They will play Ross Scown and Phillip Eyre after they disposed of Barry Cavey and TC.

The senior jackpot was claimed by two players.

Garry Bowman and Dave McKnight scored two twos. Garry on 5 and 13. Dave on 2 and 16. $16.50 each.

Scramble - Stableford


Ken Bardsley 40 Andrew Johnston 40 Phillip Eyre 39 Dave Seager 38 Kevin Appleby 37 Bill Fox 37 Hans Nieremeijer 37 Brent Keene 36 Andrew Parsons 35 Gary Russo 35


Ross Scown 40 Andrew Macky 39 Grant Morgan 36 Barry Cavey 35 Lynda Morgan 35 Charlie Coles 31 TC 31

Twos Derek Boyle,Rob Taylor, Garry Bowman (2),Dave McKnight(2)

Longest Putt - Kevin Appleby

Closest to Pin - Derek Boyle

Next week Queens Birthday Scramble  


Robs Day Thursday 21 May 2020

Another glorious day on the fairways at Pirongia Golf Club today.

Bruce Goile took the spoils today with 43 stableford points.

Next was Dean Gray on 39 and Brendan Close 38.

Dave Seager shot a 1 under par 71 for 37 points to be 4th.

Charlie Coles 35, Derek Boyle 35,Andrew Macky 34, Grant Morgan 34,Jack Hjorth,32,Bill Fox 32 Shawn Gielen 32,

Phillip Eyre 31,Chris Knight 31 Doug Grantham 29

Closest to Pin - Chris Knight Longest Putt - Ron Cogswell  


Sunday 17th May 2020

A magnificent autumn day greeted players today with the course in superb condition.

Scott Law headed the field with a par round of 72 to accumulate 37 stableford points.

Scramble on Stableford


Scott Law 37 Andrew Parsons 36 John McCormick 35 Hans Nieremeijer 35 Dave Seager 35 Rob Taylor 34 Phillip Eyre 34

Brent Keene 33 Kevin Appleby 33 Jack Hjorth 33


Addy Nieremeijer 35 Ross Scown 34 Charlie Coles 34 Dave Peryer 34 Barry Cavey 34 Andrew Macky 34 Dick Thomas 32

Barry Slade 30

Twos Charlie Coles - Barry Fordham

Closest to Pin - Gary Russo

Longest Putt - Don Matson


Midweek - Thursday Golf at Pirongia Golf Club

Level 2 golf got underway today under blue skies and warm autumn temperatures.

The new world golf handicap system certainly surprised a few members with most men playing off handicaps 4 less than they have been used to.

36 stableford points being the new playing to your handicap instead of 40 points.

Scramble on Stableford

Denise Goile 35 Murray Barclay 35 Bill Fox 35 Steve Law 33 Grant Morgan 33 Dave Seager 32 Ross Scown 32

Sunday first round of the Pitchford Trophy.

Please phone or text your pairs entry to Dave Lamb 021703326. 


An update on golf at Pirongia Golf during Alert Level 3:

Our course is ready for play, thanks to the work of our greenkeeper, Mike Grinter.

The course will be open for limited play from Wednesday 29 April 2020.

This is an opportunity for you to use the golf course for practising golf rather than playing a competitive round. There are a number of restrictions we must adhere to.

• The format will be 9 holes only.

• We can only allow Pirongia Golf club members (full and limited) to play during this period. We will extend this availability to members who may wish to play with a non-member, providing that person is in your bubble. There will be no charge for the non-member.

• Bookings are essential. Tee times will be available from 9am until 11am only, on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday this week. The following week, our opening days will be Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. These times will apply until the end of Alert level 3 but may be subject to review.

• We will have a starting sheet, requiring you to book a start time the day prior to your game, no later than 5pm. Please complete a request and supply the following information: Name, address, phone number, email address. Advise your preferred tee off time, the 9 you’d prefer to play, and send your email to: pirongiagolfclub@xtra.co.nz

• You will receive an email confirming your tee time. Please note your requested tee time and choice of 9 may change, depending on availability. This will also be advised to you by email.

• When you arrive on the day, there will be a contact register, which will be completed by the person on duty when you report to them at the starters box.

• The clubhouse and all facilities, including toilets, water taps, practice fairway and practice greens will not be available. There will be appropriate signage. Bring your own water and please observe 2 metre distancing at all times. • Cards aren’t available, and no round completed at level 3 will be eligible for handicapping purposes.

• You’ll be required to arrive and be ready to play at your confirmed tee off time.

• If you’re over 70, and/or have health issues, you may need to take extra measures to protect yourself.

• Greens will have a hole cut with the cup inverted to minimise the risk of touching the sides of the cup. As an alternative, you can choose not to putt out once you’re on the green – simply add 2 to your score if you’re keeping count. This minimises the need to touch a surface which may be contaminated. There won’t be any rakes in the bunkers for the same reasons. If you play out of the bunker, please smooth it as best you can using your club.

• You must bring your own trundler or cart. No hire equipment is available.

• Please leave the course as soon as you’ve completed play. We have drawn up this advice to comply with the Government’s requirements, as supplied to NZ Golf. Those of you who have access to GolfNZ website will have seen these, and they are attached to this document for your reference. Please have a read and make sure you’re familiar with the requirements before you play. In discussion with your committee members, we believe we’ve addressed each of the 20 items on the Government list, and thus can offer you this limited opportunity to play. We fully understand it’s far from an ideal situation and apologise for the restrictions. What’s important is we stick to the rules so we can hopefully move to a new “normal” situation quite quickly. Keep safe and enjoy your round if you’re able to take up our offer. Best wishes from Pirongia Golf Club committee.  

Pirongia Sunday 15 March 2020

The course was closed to members today as Pirongia hosted two Waikato Golf Association Interclub events.

The Division 2 Championship Pennants Round 5 and 6 was held. Pirongia on their home track failed to fire with losses in both of their matches. A 5 to 1 loss to Te Awamutu in the morning round. Ben Vincent and Jack Dunn recording halves to score Pirongia's only points. The afternoon was a little better , but still resulted in a 2.5 to 3.5 loss to Thames. Wins to Malcolm Verner , Jack Dunn and a half for Matt Carson.

The last round is in Waihi in two weeks time with a chance of making the top four for playoffs.

The Handicap Strokeplay team of Dave Lamb, Scott Law, Andrew Parsons and Guy Livingston had ground to make up as they were in last place after two rounds of the 27 hole zone division qualifying. Good scores by all members saw the team go from 7th place to 5th to ensure a run in the final.

Club Day 8 March 2020

Some sensational scoring today at Pirongia with Garry Bowman highlighting the field with a 4 under par 68.

Garry birdied the 4 of the par fives (3,6,8 and 17) also had a birdie 2 on the 13th and birdied the par 4 18th.

A couple of bogies on the par 4 12th and par 4 14th were the only blemishes on a great round of golf.

Great to see visitors from Westown New Plymouth on the course today.

Scramble on Stableford

Senior Garry Bowman 49 Tyne Watts 44 Murray Barclay 43 John McCormick 41 Rob Taylor 40 Barry Fordham 40 Dave Seager 40 Bill Fox 38 Andrew Parsons 38

Junior Barry Cavey 45 Ian Grey 44 Pat Ryan 43 Kevin Nickson 42 Terry Charlesworth 42 Charlie Coles 40 Addy Nieremeijer 40 Rob Brettell 39 Denise Goile 39

Twos Barry Cavey Garry Bowman Murray Barclay

Longest Putt Grant Morgan

Closest to Pin Murray Barclay

Vets Pennants at Pirongia Thursday 9am start. Extras after vets have teed off.

Course closed on Sunday for Championship Pennants and Handicap Strokeplay. Members are able to play at another Waikato Courses using reciprical rights. Phone for bookings at other courses.

Club day March 1st 2020

Kevin Nickson wins the Foote Newlands McCormick Trophy with a best of 2 round nett 62.

Kevin cleaned up the junior scramble with 46 stableford points.

Phillip Eyre continued his good form with 42 points to win the senior scramble by lot from visitor Doug Atkinson.

Ken Bardsley cleaned out the senior jackpot worth $127.00 with twos on 5 and 9.

We had a great number of visitors from Stewart Alexander Golf Club today as their course was hosting a Waikato Pennant Day.


Senior Phillip Eyre 42 Doug Atkinson 42 Brent Keene 41 Kevin Appleby 41 John McCormick 40 Rob Taylor 40 Alex Cruickshank 40 Hans Nieremeijer 39 Garry Bowman 39 Tyne Watts 39

Junior Kevin Nickson 46 Andrew Macky 44 Addy Nieremeijer 43 Ian Grey 43 Marg Mitchell 43 Keith Ormsby 42 Dave Peryer 42 Lance Udy 42 Pat Ryan 39 Jonathan Makuch 39 Paul Makuch 37


Neil Johnson Ian Coleman Addy Nieremeijer Ken Bardsley (2) Phillip Eyre

Longest Putt Rob Taylor

Closest to Pin Ian Coleman  

Club Day 16 February 2020

Kevin Appleby wins Ryan Cup with a 17+ on par.

Kevins +9 and +8 were two great rounds and has him in great form at the moment.

Scramble on par.


Tyne Watts +9 Kevin Appleby +8 Jack Hjorth +6 Bill Fox +6 Brent Keene +5


Terry Charlesworth +7 Barry Slade +6 Dave Peryer +5 Barry Fordham +5 Ron Cogswell +3

Twos Dick Thomas Jack Hjorth Barry Fordham

Longest Putt Terry Charlesworth

Closest to Pin Addy Nieremeijer

Pirongia Golf Rep Results

Our div 2 championship pennant team are off to a good start with two wins on the first day. Playing on the baron fairways and fast greens of Ngaruawahia, our team managed to sneak past Riverside 3.5-2.5 in the morning, with wins to Ben V, Matt and Malcom. A good half for Campbell, who shot two under, with Sean and Andrew making up the numbers. The Afternoon saw them play Waitomo and beating them convincingly 4.5-1.5. Wins to Ben V, Campbell, Matt and Malcolm, a half for Sean and Andrew making up the numbers…again! Two weeks time they head to Hamilton to play Waihi and Ngaruawahia. First round of Handicap Stroke play kicked off this weekend at Stewart A, with Derek, Mark B, Pete M and Don trying to get us into the top six teams of our zone to go through to finals day. Currently sitting in 5th place, 5 shots ahead of next team but 12 shots behind 4th place team.  

Sunday 9 February 2020

+9 on par needed to win the scrambles today.

In the seniors Kevin Appleby is in hot form with a +9 to edge out Jack Hjorth with a +7.

Junior winner was Barry Slade also with a +9 to head off Dick Thomas +4.


Kevin Appleby +9 Jack Hjorth +7 Garry Bowman +5 John McCormick +5 Bill Fox +5 Gary Russo +3


Barry Slade +9 Dick Thomas +4 Barry Fordham +3 Pat Ryan +3 Ross Scown +3 Ron Cogswell +2


Dick Thomas Andrew Parsons Kevin Appleby

Longest Putt Ross Scown

Closest to Pin Dick Thomas

Pirongia Golf Club

Club Day Sunday 02 02 2020

Guy Livingston continued his good form scoring +8 on par to head the field 1st round of the Ryan Cup.

1 shot behind in the juniors was Dave Peryer with +7.

Andrew Parsons took over the best of year Gross score with a 1 under par 71.

Kevin Appleby headed the seniors with +7. Steve Law , Jack Hjorth and John McCormick were 2 shots behind with +5's.

Scramble on Par

Senior Kevin Appleby +7 Steve Law +5 Jack Hjorth +5 John McCormick +5 Andrew Parsons +4 Derek Boyle +3 Ken Bardsley +3 Rob Taylor +3

Junior Guy Livingston +8 Dave Peryer +7 Barry Fordham +5 Addy Nieremeijer +4 Dick Thomas +3 Ron Cogswell +2 Terry Charlesworth +2

Twos Rob Taylor Kevin Nickson Brent Keene Andrew Parsons

Longest Putt Andrew Macky

Closest to Pin Kevin Nickson

Waitangi Scramble 10am Shotgun Start Next Week 2nd Round Ryan Cup.  

Clubday 19th January 2020

A hot summers day greeted the field today and the hot scoring continued. Dave Seager collected in 44 stableford points to clean up the senior division. President Paul Davie also scorched around collecting 45 points himself.

Festival of golf on this week so no Mid Week Scramble on Thursday.

Ringers and Race to 500 start next week so get your entry fee paid.

Scramble results

Senior Dave Seager 44 Rob Taylor 42 Kevin Appleby 42 Ken Bardsley 41 Brent Keene 39 Garry Bowman 38

Junior Paul Davie 45 Barry Fordeham 42 Hans Nieremeijer 41 Grant Morgan 40 Addy Nieremeijer 38 Dick Thomas 38 Terry Charlesworth 37


Don Matson Ken Bardsley Paul Davie Rob Taylor

Longest Putt Grant Morgan

Closest to Pin Paul Davie

12 January 2020 Summer Cup Round 2

Andrew Johnston made a welcome return the Pirongia Golf Club on Sunday and shot a 45 point stableford round to win the senior scramble.

In the juniors President Paul Davie racked up 43 stableford points.

Bill Fox scored the only two to claim the 10 balls available.


Andrew Johnston 45 Steve Law 41 Garry Bowman 41 Brent Keene 39 Philip Eyre 38 Ken Bardsley 38 Murray Barclay 37


Paul Davie 43 Dick Thomas 42 Hans Nieremeijer 42 Pat Ryan 41 Dave Peryer 41 Kevin Nickson 41 Don Matson 40 Addy Nieremeijer 39 Barry Cavey 38

Two Bill Fox

Longest Putt - Rob Taylor

Closest to Pin - Andrew Johnston

Summer Cup 5 January 2020

The 1st round of the summer cup was held today with some excellent scoring.

Guy Livingston scorched around the fairways he mowed on Friday with a personal best 86 off the stick to post 47 stableford points.

Kevin Appleby headed the seniors with an impressive 45 points.

Scramble on Stableford


Kevin Appleby 45 Derek Boyle 44 Gary Russo 42 Ken Bardsley 38 Steve Law 38 Brent Keene 36 Dave Seager 35


Guy Livingston 47 Pat Ryan 44 Addy Nieremeijer 43 Dave Peryer 42 Lynda Morgan 42 Dick Thomas 41 Dave Lamb 40 Don Matson 40


Grant Morgan,Bill Fox ,Kevin Appleby,Addy Nieremeijer

Longest Putt - Kevin Appleby

Closest to Pin - Bill Fox

Get your Race to 500 entries into Gary Bowman $10.

Next 3 weeks Summer Cup

Club Day 22 December 2019

It was Christmas Ham day at Pirongia today with the first three prizes in each division receiving a Christmas Ham.

In the senior division John McCormick whacked up 45 points to head off Jack Hjorth 43 and Steve Law 42.

Junior recipients were Big Bad Barry Cavey with 45, followed by Emma Yarndley 44 and Denise Goile 43.

There were twos for Africa Kevin Nickson Mark Brown Jim Dunn Kevin Appleby Tyne Watts Hans Nieremeijer Phillip Eyre Scott Law Steve Law

Longest Putt - Bill Fox

Closest to Pin - Tyne Watts

A Boxing Day scramble is to be held with a 10am shotgun start and a $15 entry fee.

Have a great Christmas and New Year from the Pirongia Golf Club  

Clubday 16 December 2019

Champion of Champions and Consolation Cup

Jack Hjorth has taken out the Champion of Champions Trophy with 43 stableford points.

The trophy competed for amongst winners of trophies in the current year.

On the other end of the scale Guy Livingston has won the Consolation Cup for members who havent quite been so lucky in the current competition year.

He racked up 45 stableford points to take out the cup.

Scramble on Stableford

Senior Jack Hjorth 43 Steve Law 42 Scott Law 41 Kevin Appleby 41 Tyne Watts 37 Phillip Eyre 37

Junior Guy Livingston 45 Paul Davie 42 Ross Scown 42 Pat Ryan 41 Jim Dunn 40 Denise Goile 40 Dick Thomas 40

Twos Steve Law Ross Scown (2) and Junior Jackpot

Longest Putt - Kevin Appleby Closest to Pin - Dave Lamb

A Boxing Day Scramble is going to be held. Shotgun Start 10am  

Clubday 8 December 2019

Ken Bardsley wins Tray Parkes Trophy with a net 66.

Ken shot a 82 gross off his 16 handicap to take the trophy.

Scott Law shot a two under 70 for a net 67. Dave Peryer and Hans Nieremeijer also had 67 netts.

Scramble on Nett


Ken Bardsley 66 Scott Law 67 Steve Law 68 Jack Hjorth 68 Kevin Appleby 70 Garry Bowman 70


Dave Peryer 67 Hans Nieremeijer 67 Jim Dunn 69 Kevin Nickson 69 Andrew Macky 70 Charlie Coles 70 Don Matson 71 Denise Goile 71

Twos Scott Law Garry Bowman Jack Hjorth

Longest Putt - Tyne Watts

Closest to Pin - Dave Lamb

Next Week Champion of Champions and Consolation Cup  

Clubday 10 November 2019

After recording 46 stableford points mid week Terry Charlesworth did the same at clubday on Sunday.

He headed off Ross Scown who could only muster 42. Also played at midweek was the final of the Pitchford Trophy.

The winners were the pairing of Murray Barclay and Bill Fox over Charlie Coles and Jim Dunn.

Scramble on Stableford

Terry Charlesworth 46 Ross Scown 42 Rob Taylor 41 Murray Barclay 41 Dave Lamb 40 Ron Cogswell 40

Kevin Nickson 39 John McCormick 37 Jack Hjorth 37 Garry Bowman 36 Bill Fox 36

Longest Putt - Ross Scown

Closest To Pin - Mark Brown

Race to 500 hots up next week with the top 8 playing off for the finals spaces.



Club Day 6 October 2019

With the recent verti draining and sanding of the greens scoring should have been tough but some players found the conditions to their liking.

Steve Law played like a demon and had a scorching 64 nett off his 17 handicap. Not far behind him was the ever consistant Rob Taylor with 65. In the Juniors David Peryer's 66 nett was good enough to head off Dave Lamb and Lynda Morgan with 68 netts.


Steve Law 64 Rob Taylor 65 Derek Boyle 67 Ken Bardsley 68 Bill Fox 70 Murray Barclay 71 John McCormick 71


Dave Peryer 66 Dave Lamb 68 Lynda Morgan 68 Addy Nieremeijer 69 Ross Scown 70 Don Matson 70 Jim Dunn 71 David Strawbridge 71 Charlie Coles 72

Twos Ron Cogswell Phillip Eyre Andrew Johnston (2) and Jackpot.

Longest Putt - Hans Nieremeijer

Closest to Pin - Paul Davie

Next Week Semi finals of Pitchford Trophy 20th October - Hockey Tournament 27th October - Pitchford Trophy Finals 3 weeks left in Race to 500 Double points in final round.


Scott Law shot a 4 under par 68 but that was not good enough to beat Barry Cavey who also has a good round to win the scramble on countback with 43 points.

Scramble on Stableford

Barry Cavey 43 Scott Law 43 Gary Bowman 39 Mark Brown 39 Tyne Watts 38 Grant Morgan 37 Derek Boyle 37 Jack Hjorth 36 Lynda Morgan 36 Rob Taylor 35

Longest Putt - Tyne Watts

Closest to the Pin - Grant Morgan

15th Sept - Scramble

22nd Sept - 1st Round Pitchford Trophy

29th Sept - King Country Champs.  



Matchplay Championships decided.

Scott Law defeated Ben Jefferies 6/5. Scott was 2up after 18 and then put his foot down to win 5 holes in a row to take a lead which Ben could not recover eventually the match ending on the 32nd hole.

Murray Barclay completed the double by winning the Intermediate matchplay title as well as the strokeplay. he beat Rob Taylor 3/2.

Barry Cavey held out Charlie Coles to also win 3/2.

In the Junior B final Dave Strawbridge was victorious over Grant Clow.

Scramble - Stableford


Ken Bardsley 42,Bill Fox 36,Phillip Eyre 36,Tyne Watts 36,Murray Barclay 35,Derek Boyle 34.


Hans Nieremeijer 39,Don Matson 39,Paul Davie 37,Barry Cavey 37,Mark Brown 37,Grant Clow 35,Grant Morgan 35,Denise Goile 35

Twos - Mark Brown

Closest to Pin - Barry Cavey 

Longest Putt - John McCormick

Scott Law Murry Barclay Barry Cavey Dave Strawbridge



Finals next week

Senior Scott Law v Ben Jefferies

Intermediate Murray Barclay v Rob Taylor

Junior Barry Cavey v Charlie Coles

Junior B Grant Clow v TBC

Scramble - Stableford

Senior Rob Taylor 43 Brent Keene 40 John McCormick 39 Murray Barclay 38 Gary Russo 37 Andrew Johnston 37

Junior Barry Cavey 40 Charlie Coles 39 Don Matson 38 Richard Small 37 Grant Morgan 37 Paul Davie 36 Jim Dunn 35

Longest Putt - Gary Russo

Closest to Pin - John McCormick

Scott Law had a winning debut for Waikato Senior Men winning his match 3/2. The team drawing with Bay of Plenty 4 all.



Scramble on Stableford


Phillip Eyre 38 Rob Taylor 37 Bill Fox 36 Gary Russo 36 Derek Boyle 36 John McCormick 33


Don Matson 37 Barry Cavey 36 Paul Davie 36 Grant Clow 35 David Peryer 35

Twos - Don Matson - Phillip Eyre

Longest Putt - Jack Hjorth

Closest to Pin - Bill Fox

Semi Final Draw Matchplay


Tyne Watts v Ben Jefferies

Scott Law v Ben Vincent


Murray Barclay v Bill Fox

Ken Bardsley v Rob Taylor


Barry Cavey v Hans Nieremeijer

Barry Fordham v Charlie Coles

Junior B

Ron Cogswell v Dave Strawbridge

Terry Charlesworth v Grant Clow

Well done to Scott Law who has been selected to play for the Waikato Senior Mens Golf Team v Bay of Plenty at Wairakei next Sunday  


A small field due to inclement weather but a scramble was held in conjunction with the first round of senior matchplay.



Garry Bowman 39 Barry Cavey 38 Kevin Appleby 37 Tyne Watts 30 Dave Lamb 26

Twos Garry Bowman Tyne Watts

Longest Putt Terry Charlesworth  



The atrocious start to the day weather wise put pay to the Open Tournament that was to be held today.

There were however some brave souls who braved the elements and a scramble was held.



Gary Russo 40 Grant Morgan 38 Bruce Goile 38 Kevin Nickson 37 Colin Johnstone 37 Ross Scown 37 Scott Law 36

Kevin Appleby 36 Addy Nieremeijer 35 Andrew McGoughan 35 Brendan Close 35 Lynda Morgan 35

Twos - Dean Gray  




Tyne Watts claims the 2019 Senior Stroke Play title by 4 shots over defending triple champion Scott Law and Callum Scott.

Watts' four round total of 298 was completed with a final round of 74.

Law and Scott had a four round totals of 302.

Intermediate Champion is Murray Barclay (331). Runner Up Ken Bardsley (336).

Junior Champion is Barry Fordham with (380) over Jim Dunn (385).

Junior B winner is Dave Lamb 390. Runner Up Ron Cogswell (409).

Scramble on Par


Ken Bardsley +6 Rob Taylor +5 Tyne Watts +3 Philip Eyre +2 Murray Barclay +2 Gary Russo +1 Derek Boyle +1


Dave Lamb +5 Hans Nieremeijer +4 Charlie Coles +3 Grant Morgan +2 Pat Ryan -1 Barry Cavey -2 Barry Fordham -2

Twos Garry Bowman - Bill Fox - Scott Law - Grant Frew

Closest to Pin - Bill Fox

Longest Putt - Murray Barclay

Next Week Open Tournament  

Clubday 21 July 2019

Scramble on Stableford


Murray Barclay 44 Matt Carson 44 Malcolm Verner 39 Tyne Watts 39 Hans Nieremeijer 38 Ken Bardsley 38

Phillip Eyre 37 Jack Hjorth 36


Charlie Coles 40 Barry Fordham 40 Ron Cogswell 40 Grant Morgan 38 Jimmy Dunn 37 Barry Cavey 37

Dave Lamb 36 Dave Peryer 35

Twos Matt Carson (2) Brent Keene

Longest Putt - -Jack Hjorth

Closest to Pin - Brent Keene  


3rd Round of Strokeplay Championships

Whilst 12 hardy souls started , play was called when conditions became unplayable.

The 3rd round of the stroke play championship will now be held next weekend the 21st of July.

The 4th round will now be held in conjunction with the Memorial Tournament on the 28th July. 

Clubday Sunday 7 July 2019

2nd Round Strokeplay Champs

Matt Carson shot a one under par 71 to take out the senior scramble on Sunday.

Also under par was Scott Law who shot a 2 under 70 to gain a 1 shot lead in the senior strokeplay after round 2.

Scramble on Stableford


Matt Carson 44 Ken Bardsley 41 Kevin Appleby 40 Scott Law 40 Jack Dunn 39 Garry Bowman 39


Barry Cavey 41 Dave Lamb 37 Andrew Macky 36 Grant Clow 35 Charlie Coles 35

Twos - Scott Law - Garry Bowman

Closest to Pin - Scott Law

Longest Putt - Ron Cogswell

Race to 300 concluded with Tyne Watts reaching 300 stableford points on the 11th hole. Watts also won the June race to 500 bar tab.

Strokeplay standings after round 2 of 4

Senior Scott Law 147, Callum Scott 148 Tyne Watts 149

Intermediate Gary Russo 170 Murray Barclay 171 Ken Bardsley 173

Junior Barry Fordham 193 Jim Dunn 194 Daryl Baty 196

Junior B Dave Lamb 198 Dave Peryer 204 Ron Cogswell 205 

Clubday 30th June

1st Round of Strokeplay today and scramble on nett.

Senior Tyne Watts 67 John McCormick 69 Steve Law 70 Garry Russo 71 Garry Bowman 71 Rob Taylor 72 Phillip Eyre 73 Doug Grantham 73 Malcolm Verner 74 Murray Barclay 74

Junior Paul Davie 70 Lynda Morgan 70 Barry Fordham 73 Dave Peryer 73 Andrew Macky 73 Ron Cogswell 75 Jim Dunn 76 Darryl Baty 76 Dave Lamb 76 Grant Clow 77

Twos - Jack Hjorth Barry Cavey

Longest Putt - Derek Boyle Closest to Pin - Murray Barclay

Strokeplay Update to come Race to 300 should be reached next week.  

Clubday 23 JUNE 2019

The winners

Today was drawn pairs senior and junior. Murray (back nine) Barclay and Barry (bomber) Cavey took the win with an impressive 139 nett.

Scramble stableford


Bill (where’s my helmet) Fox 65 nett Ken (cold head ) Bardsley 67 Kevin (apple) Appleby 69 Dave (sand save) Seager 69 Andrew ( black heart) Parsons 69 Murray (back nine) Barclay 69 Hans (the cheese man) Nieremeijer 71


Charlie (Harley) Coles 69 Grant (the rough man ) Morgan 69 Terry (from the ferry) Charlesworth 69 Barry (bomber) Cavey 70 Addy (mrs cheese man) Nieremeijer 71 Ron (Ron the Ronny) Cogswell 73 Jim (the workhorse) Dunn 74 Dave (plastic straw) Strawbridge 74

Twos TC 13th hole Grant Morgan 5th hole Bill (the thrill) Fox 2nd hole

Longest putt Garry (send me some mail) Bowman Closest to pin 9th hole Bill fox Next week 4BBB scramble

Club Day 2nd June 2019

Andrew Macky holes in one on the 2nd Hole and has 45 points to win the scramble.

Scramble on Stableford

Andrew Macky 45 Barry Cavey 40 Tyne Watts 40 Charlie Coles 39 Garry Bowman 39 Phillip Eyre 38 Kevin Appleby 36 Addy Nieremeijer 35 Lynda Morgan 34 Bill Fox 34 John McCormick 34 Dave Lamb 34 Jack Hjorth 33 Dave Strawbridge 33 Grant Morgan 32 Guy Livingston 32

Twos Andrew Macky - Charlie Coles - David Strawbridge

Junior Jackpot - Charlie Coles Longest Putt - Garry Bowman Closest to Pin - Tyne Watts


Clubday Sunday

Bill Innes Putter 26 May 2019

Rob Taylor and his putter ran hot today, needing only 25 putts to win the putting trophy.

His putting reflected in his total round accumulating 43 stableford points to win the senior scramble.

Andrew Macky, Dick Thomas and Ian Grey also had 43 points in the Junior division. Andrew winning on countback.


Rob Taylor 43 Tyne Watts,Garry Bowman,Bill Fox,Scott Law 39 Ben Vincent,John McCormick 37 Ken Bardsley 35


Andrew Macky,Dick Thomas Ian Grey 43 Paul Davie 42 Pay Ryan 41 Charlie Coles 40 Barry Fordham 38 Kevin Nickson,David Peryer,Terry Charlesworth 37.

Twos Ben Vincent (2) Rob Taylor (2) Tyne Watts Kevin Appleby Andrew Macky.

Senior Jackpot $18.00 Ben Vincent and Rob Taylor

Junior Jackpot $98.00 Andrew Macky

Longest Putt - Andrew Macky Closest to Pin - Garry Russo.

Holes in One

Doug Smith from Kawhia club had a hole in one on the 16th at Pirongia on Friday in the Farmlands Tournament.

Scott Law scored his first ace at PioPio Arias 4th hole on Saturday during the UBP Meats 27 hole open.

Ladies Results

The scramble was on nett and the names featured were; Brenda Staples 73, Lynda Morgan and Addy Nieremeijer 77, Jane Duggan 78 and Patty MacIntyre 38 nett in the 9 hole division. The standing in the strokeplay are as follows ; Bronze I ; Brenda Staples 187, Addy Nieremeijer 195, Lynda Morgan 198 Bronze II ; Pam Hughes 221, Shirley Grey 232, Rosemary Collinson Smith 240 9 Hole ; Patty MacIntyre and Lyn Sinclair 110, Isabel Caie 115 This shows the competition is still wide open going into the last round


Mt Pirongia Ambrose Challenge 19 May 2019

Some outstanding scores were posted today with low scoring a must to win this nett event

Winners were the team comprising in form Steve Law , Josh Law ,Sandra Law and Josh Balloch.

Their score of nett 52.5 consisted of a 10 under gross 62 less handicap of 9.5.

Runners Up were Andrew Parsons , Andrew Macky, Derek Boyle and Guy Livingston.

They had a gross 63 less 10 handicap for a 53 nett.

Third were the team of Tyne Watts , Garry Bowman,Rob Taylor and Kevin Appleby.

They had an amazing 14 under par 58 gross with a 4.375 handicap for a nett 53.625.

Also with a gross score of 58 were the young gun team of Scott Law,Tom Power,Ben Vincent and Campbell Child.

Their combined handicap was 2.625 to give them a nett 55.375.

Next week will see the competition for the Bill Innes putter, the winner being the player with the least putts over 18 holes.  


Thanks to Patron Shirley Grey for hosting the annual Patrons Trophy and Prizes.

Addy Nieremeijer and Steve Law take out the 2019 Patrons Trophies.

Steve Law shot a round any handicap golfer could only dream of.

Gross 73 off a 17 handicap producing a nett 56 and 52 stableford points. John McCormick was second with 63 nett.

Addy Nieremeijer took out the ladies division with a nett 71.

Scramble - Nett

Senior Steve Law 56 John McCormick 63 Gary Russo 65 Garry Bowman 66 Derek Boyle 67 Rob Taylor 67 Tyne Watts 68 Andrew Parsons 70 Scott Law 70 Kevin Appleby 70

Junior Kevin Nickson 68 Dave Lamb 69 Addy Nieremeijer 71 Ray Budgen 71 Grant Clow 71 Ian Grey 72 Richard Small 72 Terry Charlesworth

Only 1 two - Garry Bowman

Longest Putt - Derek Boyle

Closest to Pin - Jack Dunn


Clubday 5 May 2019


A great field of over 40 club players braved the foggy conditions today.

Plenty of balls being hit out of sight today. The major competition was 4BBB pairs

The winners with an outstanding 53 stableford points were Don Matson and Andrew Johnston.

Stableford Scramble


Andrew Johnston 43 Garry Bowman 43 Ben Vincent 42 Phillip Eyre 39 Derek Boyle 39 John McCormick 38 Hans Nieremeijer 38 Tyne Watts 38 Murray Barclay 38 Kevin Appleby 38


Jim Dunn 44 Addy Nieremeijer 41 Ross Scown 40 Dick Thomas 39 Paul Davie 39 Charlie Coles 39 Terry Charlesworth 38 Dave Peryer 37 Don Matson 37

Twos Dave Peryer,Jack Hjorth,Tyne Watts,Ben Vincent (2),Marco Bowman,Garry Bowman

Senior Jackpot - Ben Vincent $86.00

Longest Putt - Ross Scown Closest to Pin - Derek Boyle

Next Week - Patrons Trophy 10 am Shotgun Start



An excellent field of 74 players braved initial inclement weather but finished in sunshine today at the annual Dutch Tournament.

For the 15th year Hans and Addy Nieremeijer put together an excellent prize table and a well run tournament.

Winner of the overall gross prize was the inform Scott Law who shot a 1 under 71. This was one shot better than Garry Bowman with an even par 72.



0-18 Garry Bowman 66 19-36 Chris Strachan 64 Ladies Jennifer Strachan 70 Stableford 0-18 Derek Boyle 41,Graeme Lee 40,M Garrick 39,Kevin Appleby 39

19-36 Keith Ormsby 44,Bruce Goile 43,Brenden Close 41, Vern Huntly 41

Ladies Emma Yarndley 36,Cheryl MacGilloway 35,Andrea Vale 35,Pam Hughes 34

Twos Scott Law (2),Mike Howorth (2),Ken Bardsley, Andrew Johnston,Derek Boyle,Bruce Goile, Amanda Murray

Long Drive

0-18 Tyne Watts 19-36 Chris Strachan Ladies Jennifer Strachan

Nearest Pin 0-18 Scott Law 19-36 Bruce Goile Ladies Jennifer Strachan

Longest Putt 0-18 Andrew Johnston 19-36 Kevin Nickson Ladies Helen Loveridge  

Easter Sunday Scramble 21 April 2019

The regulars turned up today for a great easter scramble.

Firstly congratulations to Bill Fox who scored a hole in one at Raglan on Thursday during the vets round robin. It was Bills third hole in one. Scored on the 12th hole using a 5 iron.

Scramble on Stableford


Rob Taylor 44 Phillip Eyre 41 Grant Frew 41 Derek Boyle 41 Jack Hjorth 39 Stephen Law 39 Tyne Watts 38


Guy Livingston 41 Grant Morgan 40 Ron Cogswell 40 Don Matson 39 Dave Peryer 39 Paul Davie 39 Barry Fordham 37

Twos - Tyne Watts and Gary Russo

Longest Putt - Kevin Appleby

Closest to PIn - Barry Cavey

Next week Dutch Tournament

Club Day 14 April 2019

Matson / Tocker Trophy

A great turnout and brilliant weather today.

Ken Bardsley and Andrew Parsons combined to take out the Matson Tocker Trophy with a total of 81 combined stablefords.

Scott Law shot the round of the year so far with a five under par 67.

A round including 9 birdies a double bogey and two bogeys. Well done Scott.

Scramble on Stableford


Scott Law 44 John McCormick 42 Jack Hjorth 41 Ken Bardsley 41 Andrew Parsons 40 Brent Keene 38

Derek Boyle 38 Kevin Appleby 38 Dave Seager 37 Ben Jefferies 37


Barry Cavey 41 Don Matson 40 Richard Small 38 Terry Charlesworth 38 Addy Nieremeijer 38 Grant Clow 37

Andrew Macky 37 Darryl Baty 36

Twos - Scott Law - Andrew Parsons

Closest to Pin - Brent Keene

Longest Putt - Terry Charlesworth




Brent Keene heads the field today with 46 stableford points.

Ben Vincent missed a putt on the last to post a 4 under 68 and miss the best of the year score by one shot.

In the juniors the consistent Kevin Nickson headed the list with 43 points.

Scramble on Stableford


Brent Keene 46 Ben Vincent 44 Ben Jefferies 42 Andrew Johnston 41 Kevin Appleby 40 Tyne Watts 40 Derek Boyle 36 John McCormick 36


Kevin Nickson 43 Terry Charlesworth 42 Grant Morgan 41 Don Matson 41 Barry Slade 41 David Peryer 41 Dick Thomas 40 Addy Nieremeijer 40


Phillip Eyre Bill Fox Ken Bardsley Ben Vincent Kevin Appleby Tyne Watts

Longest Putt - Charlie Coles

Closest to PIn - Ben Jefferies

Next Week - Matson Tocker Trophy 9.30 Shotgun Start




Clubday 31 March 2019


Jack Hjorth cleans up at Pirongia

Jack Hjorth took out the Veterans Cup and The Secretaries Trophy and the senior scramble today.

The young 81 year old shot a 75 gross off his 15 handicap to shoot under his age again and have 48 stableford points.

Well done Jack.

Scramble on Stableford


Jack Hjorth 48 Brent Keene 45 Gary Russo 42 Hans Nieremeijer 40 Rob Taylor 39 Andrew Johnston 39 Ken Bardsley 38


Don Matson 42 Paul Davie 42 Ross Scown 40 Kevin Nickson 39 Darryl Baty 37 Jim Dunn 37 Addy Nieremeijer 35

Twos - Kevin Nickson - Barry Fordham - Bill Fox - Hans Nieremeijer - Garry Russo

Closest to Pin - Barry Fordham

Longest Putt - Brent Keene

Next Week - Scramble


Clubday 24th March 2019


Race to 300 finishes.

An exciting finish to the race to 300 saw Kevin Appleby and Hans Nieremeijer dead heat on the 14th hole to reach the targeted 300 stableford point mark. Third one hole behind was TC.

Scramble - Stableford

Senior Grant Frew 44 Doug Grantham 41 Jack Hjorth 40 Scott Law 39 Tyne Watts 39 Brent Keene 39 Kevin Appleby 39

Junior Ross Scown 43 Charlie Coles 41 TC 38 Ian Grey 37 Barry Cavey 36 Barry Fordham 35 Paul Davie 34 Darryl Baty 33

Closest to Pin - Darryl Baty

Longest Putt - Jack Hjorth

Twos - Garry Bowman - David Peryer - Doug Grantham


Club Day 17 March 2019

Division 1 pennants were hosted at Pirongia today. We hope they enjoyed the course. Members slotted in the field.



Hans Nieremeijer 40 Kevin Appleby 39 Grant Frew 38 Phillip Eyre 37 Derek Boyle 36 Gary Russo 34


Kevin Nickson 38 TC 37 BC 37 Grant Morgan 36 Keith Ormsby 35 Dick Thomas 34

Twos - Phillip Eyre

Longest Putt - Derek Boyle

Closest to Pin - Jack Hjorth



Club Day 10th March 2019


Good day for golf today. Scoring did not reflect the conditions.

Scramble on Stableford.


Jack Hjorth 38 Tyne Watts 38 Brent Keene 38 Rob Taylor 37 Scott Law 37 Ken Bardsley 36 Ben Vincent 36 Gary Russo 35


Keith Ormsby 43 Barry Cavey 42 Barry Fordham 39 Rob Brettell 39 Paul Empson 37 Ron Cogswell 37 Kevin Nickson 36

Twos Kevin Appleby Garry Bowman Tyne Watts Rob Brettell Jack Hjorth Ross Scown Dick Thomas

Longest Putt - Brent Keene

Closest to Pin - Ben Vincent

Next week available tee off times to be advised by email due to Division One Pennants at Pirongia.


Club Day 3rd March 2019

With the Championship Pennants at Stewart Alexander we had an influx of visitors from Stewart Alexander today.

Again scoring was of summer standard with some excellent results.

Barry Fordham with an outstanding net 58 the highlight.

Scramble on Nett


Grant Frew 65 Bobby Rollenson 65 Denny Nunn 67 Gary Russo 68 Alex Cruickshank 68 Hans Nieremeijer 68 Roger Neal 68 Bill Fox 69 K Hawtin 70 Phil Blundall 70 Kevin Appleby 70 Rob Taylor 71 Jack Hjorth 72


Barry Fordham 58 Ian Grey 60 Terry Charlesworth 65 Charlie Coles 65 Grant Morgan 65 Grant Clow 66 Don Matson 67 Alan Ramsey 67 Dennis Morgan 68 Dave Lamb 68 Ron Cogswell 69 Dave Nicholson 69


Sue Boulton 71 Addy Nieremeijer 71 Leigh Grylls 73 Debbie Pitcon 72 Kay Gregory 73


Bryce Pepperell Denny Nunn Barry Fordham Sue Pollock Tyne Watts Roger Neal Alan Ramsey

Longest Putt - G Grylls

Closest to Pin - Addy Nieremeijer  

Clubday 24th February 2019

Plenty of run on the fairways at the moment must be helping the scoring at present.

Scramble on Nett


Gary Russo 66 Murray Barclay 68 Tyne Watts 69 Ken Bardsley 69 Kevin Appleby 69 Bill Fox 70


Andrew Macky 65 Barry Cavey 69 Dave Lamb 70 Ian Grey 70 Kevin Nickson 71 Ross Scown 71 Ron Cogswell

Twos Dave Lamb Andrew Macky (2) Murray Barclay Rob Taylor Kevin Appleby Hans Nieremeijer

Junior Jackpot - Andrew Macky and Dave Lamb

Longest Putt - Scott Law

Closest to Pin - Murray Barclay



Peter Morris tops the junior scores today with a +7 score on par.

In the seniors Josh Law continued his good form with a 2 under par 70 for +6.

Ryan Cup leaders after 2 rounds are Kevin Appleby and Derek Boyle on +11.

Scramble on Par


Josh Law +6 Derek Boyle +6 Kevin Appleby +6 Hans Nieremeijer +5 Matt Carson +5 Bill Fox +5 Jack Hjorth +5 Scott Law +3 Brent Keene +3 Sam Kennedy +2 Steve Law +2


Peter Morris +7 Ron Cogswell +5 TC +5 Grant Clow +4 Dave Lamb +2 Barry Cavey +2 Addy Nieremeijer +1


Dave Lamb Kevin Nickson Josh Law Jack Dunn Ken Bardsley Pete Morris (2) Barry Fordham (2)

Pete and Barry collect the junior jackpot $34.50 each

Closest to Pin - Pete Morris

Longest Putt - Derek Boyle

Next Week - 3rd Round Ryan Cup

24th February 1st Round Foote Newlands McCormick

Pirongia Clubday 3 February 2019

Ryan Cup 1st Round (best 2 of three rounds on par)

Great day for scoring well with plenty of run and true greens.

In the seniors, Ken Bardsley headed the field with +7, one shot ahead of Steve Law +6.

Addy Nieremeijer and Charlie Coles topped the juniors with +7.


Ken Bardsley +7 Steve Law +6 Kevin Appleby +5 Jack Hjorth +5 Scott Law +5 Derek Boyle +5 Hans Nieremeijer +5


Addy Nieremeijer +7 Charlie Coles +7 Lynda Morgan +6 Dave Lamb +6 Ian Grey +4 Ron Cogswell +4 Jim Dunn +3 TC +3 Grant Clow +3


Barry Slade

Longest Putt - Lynda Morgan

Closest to Pin - Hans Nieremeijer

Winner of the Summer Cup Dick Thomas 168 stableford points over 4 rounds. Runner up Bill Fox 160 points.

Pirongia Clubday 27 January 2019.



Josh Law shoots a three under 69 and 45 stableford points to win the senior scramble and January race to 500 points and the $50 dollar bar tab.

The round could have been even better except for a double bogey 5 on the par 3 9th, his last hole.

Bill Fox shot his age (78) to be runner up.

Dick Thomas headed the Junior division with 45.



Josh Law 45 Bill Fox 44 Alec Cruickshank 43 Ken Bardsley 42 Hans Nieremeijer 40 John Dampney 39 Jack Dunn 39 Steve Law 38 Jack Hjorth 38 Ben Jefferies 38 Kevin Appleby 38


Dick Thomas 45 Grant Morgan 44 Dave Coupland 43 Ron Cogswell 43 Goerge King 42 Ross Scown 42 Lynda Morgan 42 Don Matson 41 TC 41 Dave Lamb 40

Twos Ken Bardsley Hans Nieremeijer Josh Law

Longest Putt - Barry Fordham

Closest to Pin - Ken Bardsley

Race to 300 Starts next week

Ringers start next week  

Club day 20 January 2019


Smaller field today with a few of the vets resting up for their 4 day festival of golf this week.

Good luck to those are representing the club at Cambridge, Waikare , Pirongia and Ngaruawahia.

Scramble - Stableford


Bill Fox 42 Rob Taylor 39 Garry Bowman 39 Phillip Eyre 37 Kevin Appleby 36.


Ron Cogswell 37 Dick Thomas 37 Grant Morgan 36 Charlie Coles 35 David Peryer 35 Don Matson 35.

Twos Kevin Appleby Rob Taylor Charlie Coles

Longest Putt - Brent Keene

Closest to Pin - no one got on the green


Its not too late to enter text gazza 0273133191 or tell the starter. Double Points available and $50 bar tab up for grabs


Club day 13th January 2018

The scoring was as good as the weather on course today

46 stableford points was needed to win the senior and junior divisions.


Kevin Appleby 46 Ken Bardsley 45 Brent Keene 44 Bill Fox 43 Matt Carson 42 Tyne Watts 41 Hans Nieremeijer 40


Dick Thomas 46 Terry Charlesworth 43 Dave Lamb 42 Addy Nieremeijer 42 Kevin Nickson 41 Grant Clow 41 Ron Cogswell 40 Guy Livingston 40 Darryl Baty 40 Barry Fordham 39

Twos Dick Thomas Kevin Appleby Rob Taylor Terry Charlesworth Brent Keene Ken Bardsley

Longest Putt - Guy Livingston

Closest to Pin - Ken Bardsley

Race to 300 starts 3 February


Sunday 6 January 2019

Phillip Eyre Benefit Day


Evergreen Pirongia Golfer Phillip Eyre had a great day of golf on Sunday.

The 12 handicapper shot a one over par 73 including 3 twos on holes 5 , 9 , 16.

He also scored the closest to the pin on hole 9, won the senior scramble with 47 stableford points and picked up the senior jackpot worth $34.50.



Phillip Eyre 47 Garry Bowman 40 Ken Bardsley 39 Tyne Watts 37 Kevin Appleby 36


Kevin Nickson 42 Lynda Morgan 41 Dave Peryer 41 Dick Thomas 40 Grant Morgan 39 Charlie Coles 38 Pat Ryan 37

Twos Phillip Eyre (3) Jack Hjorth

Closest to Pin - Phillip Eyre

Longest Putt - Tyne Watts

Next three weeks Summer Cup


30 December 2018

Last Clubday for the year.

Scramble on Stableford


Bill Fox 43 Josh Law 42 Alex Cruickshank 42 Ken Bardsley 42 Tyne Watts 41 Kevin Appleby 39


Barry Fordham 41 Charlie Coles 39 Don Matson 37 Barry Cavey 36 Ron Cogswell 36


Kevin Nickson Jack Hjorth Garry Bowman

Longest Putt - Don Matson

Closest to Pin - Ian Coleman

Best of Year Scores

Sponsored by Talmage Kitchen Solutions

Mens Gross - Ash Smith 67 - 28 January 2018

Mens Nett - Steve Law 58 - 30 September 2018

Womens Gross - Denise Goile 79 - 22 March 2018

Womens Nett - Addy Nieremeijer 62 - 7 January 2018

Happy New Year to Everyone

1st Round Summer Cup 6 January 2019






Clubday 23 December 2018

A good field turned out today for the last scramble before the Christmas break.

Senior - Stableford

Ken Bardsley 42 Gary Russo 41 Tyne Watts 41 Phillip Eyre 41 Garry Bowman 39 Murray Barclay 38 Jack Hjorth 38

Junior - Stableford

Dick Thomas 42 Dave Peryer 41 Don Matson 40 Dave Lamb 38 Barry Cavey 38

Twos Ken Bardsley - Gary Russo - Tyne Watts

Longest Putt - Don Matson

Closest to Pin - Gary Russo

Merry Christmas to one and all.

Sunday December 16 2018

Champion of Champions and Consolation Cup.


Dave Lamb has 47 stableford points and wins the Champion of Champion Trophy.

Ken Bardsley wins the Consolation Cup.

Scramble on Stableford


Brent Keene 40 John McCormick 39 Kevin Appleby 39 Ken Bardsley 39 Derek Boyle 39 Bill Fox 38


Dave Lamb 47 Don Matson 43 Terry Charlesworth 42 Dick Thomas 40 Paul Davie 38 Barry Fordham 38 Pat Ryan 36

Twos Kevin Nickson,Tyne Watts,Garry Bowman Sean Bonenkamp,Pat Ryan

Longest Putt and Closest to Pin - Ken Bardsley


Andrew Parsons won best overall gross with a 3 over 75

Best Netts

Senior - Dean Scott 66

Intermediate - Phillip Eyre 64

Junior - David Peryer 66

Ladies - Eileen Blackwood 74



Derek Boyle 39,Matt Carson 39,Andrew Johnston 37,Kevin Appleby 37, Tyne Watts 37,Alex Cruickshank 37,Conrad Salisbury 36 Carl Miezenbeck 36.


Jack Hjorth 44,Hans Nieremeijer 41,Brendan Close 41,Howard Wynyard 41,Doug Grantham 39,Bill Fox 39,Daryl Baty 38,Kerry Newson 37


Dave Lamb 42,Don Matson 41,Jim Dunn 40,Jonathon Makuch 40,Bruce Goile 39,Paul Davie 39,Barry Fordham 38,Linc Quarrie 38,Brian Duffy 38


Paula McFarlane 33,Addy Nieremeijer 33,Emma Yarndley 33,Andrea Vale 32, Di Stockdale 32.

Longest Drives Senior - Carl Miezenbeck

Intermediate - Ross Signal

Junior - Stu Yarndley

Ladies - Emma Yarndley

Closest to Pin

Senior - Gary Russo

Intermediate - Phillip Eyre

Junior - Jonathan Makuch

Ladies - Di Stockdale


Conrad Salisbury,Garry Bowman,Andrew Parsons,Gary Russo,Phillip Eyre  


2 December 2018

Tray Parkes Trophy and Race to 500 Final.


The Race to $500 winners were found.

1st - Ron Cogswell $500

2nd- Jack Hjorth $150

3rd- Scott Law $100

4th- Derek Boyle $70

Thank you to Kumar Holdings for sponsoring this year long contest.

The Tray Parkes Trophy is a nett competition for men and ladies.

Mens Winner - Phillip Eyre 66

Ladies Winner - Denise Goile 73

Scramble on Nett


Philip Eyre 66 Ken Bardsley 67 Kevin Appleby 68 Steve Law 70 Jack Hjorth 71 Dave Seager 72 Doug Grantham 72


Dave Lamb 68 Paul Davie 69 Charlie Coles 69 Ron Cogswell 70 Ross Scown 70 Barry Cavey 72 Ray Shaw 72 Grant Morgan 72 Denise Goile 73 Linda Morgan 74


Charlie Coles (and a birdie Junior Jackpot $200)

Scott Law Barry Cavey

Closest to Pin - Dave Seager

Longest Putt - Terry Charlesworth



Derek Boyle wins Bainbridge Rosebowl.


The heavens opened but this did not deter Derek Boyle from shooting 46 stableford points and winning the Bainbridge Rosebowl 8/6 over Kevin Appleby.

The Race to 500 was postponed to next week.


Derek Boyle 46 Ken Bardsley 39 John McCormick 38 Kevin Appleby 36 Dave Lamb 35 Barry Cavey 32

Twos - Derek Boyle

Longest Putt - Hans Nieremeijer

Closest to Pin - Barry Cavey.

AGM this Sunday 9.30am followed by Tray Parkes Trophy and closed christmas tournament


Semi Final Bainbridge Rosebowl

Last 4 decided for the Race to 500

Derek Boyle had to go down the 19th hole to beat Garry Russo.

Derek will face off against Kevin Appleby who accounted for Ken Bardsley 3/2.

The race to 500 dropped off another 4 players this week. This leaves Scott Law - Ron Cogswell - Jack Hjorth and Derek Boyle to battle out the final of the race to 500 next week.

Scramble Results.


Bill Fox 41 Brent Keene 41 Derek Boyle 41 Hans Nieremeijer 40 Murray Barclay 40 Gary Russo 39 Jack Hjorth 39 Kevin Appleby 39


Grant Morgan 43 Ray Shaw 42 Barry Fordham 42 Terry Charlesworth 41 Don Matson 40 Ron Cogswell 40 Dave Lamb 39 Pat Ryan 38 Rob Brettell 37

Twos Jack Dunn (2) Jackpot $8.50 Bill Fox

Longest Putt - Gary Russo

Closest to Pin - Terry Charlesworth



11 November Club Day


Scoring was so hot today 40 points did not collect in the senior division. Both Gary Russo and Rob Taylor shot 76's for 45 points each.

Runner up was Phillip Eyre with 44

Jack Hjorth 43 Garry Bowman 41 Derek Boyle 41 Kevin Appleby 41


Dick Thomas 45 Ron Cogswell 44 David Peryer 43 Barry Fordham 41 Don Matson 40 Kevin Knickson 39 TC 39 Grant Clow 38 Barry Cavey 38

Twos Bill Fox (2) Senior Jackpot $21.00

Dick Thomas

Don Matson

Gary Russo

Long Putt - Ray Shaw

Closest to Pin - Gary Russo

Bainbridge Rosebowl

Gary Russo beat Scott Law 6/5

Derek Boyle beat Garry Bowman 1 up

Ken Bardsley beat Hans Nieremeijer 2/1

Kevin Appleby beat Don Matson 3/2

Semi finals next week Race to 500 last 8 reduced to last 4 next week.  

4 November: Bainbridge Rosebowl Round 1

Round 1 of the Bainbridge Rosebowl took place on Sunday. Results were:

Gary Russo won by default over Kevin Nickson


Kevin Appleby played in the windy conditions that prevailed on Sunday. His 42 stableford points were 2 better than the next best in both divisions.





Longest Putt:

Closest to Pin:

28 October: Te Awamutu Sports Hockey Club Tournament

A good number of golfers (and non-golfers) turned out for the annual hockey club tournament.After some overnight rain fine weather prevailed for excellent conditions and good scoring.

Division 1:


  • Scott Law; 72


  • Dean Scott; 64


  • Rob Taylor 44

  • John McCormick, Garry Bowman , C Cavanagh, Jeff Rendall, Ken Bardsley; 40

  • A Lowe, Kevin Appleby, Gary Russo; 40

  • Phillip Eyre, John Irving, Howard Wynyard 39

Division Two


  • Hans Nieremeijer; 85


  • Bob Coleman 62


  • David Peryer, Terry Charlesworth, 43

  • Dean Gray, Dave Lamb, 42

  • Rowan Moorhouse, 41

  • Grant Clow; 40

  • Ray Davies, Greg Te Huia; 39

  • Dennis Morgan, Jack Hjorth, Ross Scown, Alan Ford; 37



  • Ani Bahler; 94


  • Addy Nieremeijer; 71


  • Elaine Troutbeck

  • Eugene Weimer

  • Raewyn Coleman

  • Denise Goile

  • Cindy Dearing

  • Karen Campton

  • Sally Davies

  • Christine Lloyd

  • Alma Goodwin

  • Rewa Hawira

  • Toni Coleman


  • Adam Ryburn

  • Rob Taylor

  • John Irving

  • Gary Russo

  • Hans Nieremeijer

21 October: Grant Clow Aces 13th

Grant Clow was the toast of Pirongia Golf Club on Sunday when he aced the 13th hole. Well done Grant!

Sunday Scramble:

WIth the winter conditions now well gone, placing was reduced to own fairways again. As expected, the scoring has taken a bit of a hit, although Kevin Nickson and Barry Cavey didn't get that memo. Their socres of 48 and 46 points respectively easily accounted for the major prizes in the junior division. Rob Taylor and Kevin Appleby took out the senior division with far less flair. THey both scored 43 points.

Results (Stableford):






Longest Putt:

Closest to the Pin:


14 October: Blind Drawn Pairs

Today was a blind drawn pairs stableford competition. The winning pair was Pat Ryan and Ken Bardsley with a combined 80 stableford points. Three other pairs put together 74 points.

Results (Combined Stableford):


Longest Putt:

Closest to Pin:

7 October: Brent Keene racks up 50 stableford points.

Following on from Steve Law and his 50 points last week Brent Keene shot an even par 72 off the stick on a 14 handicap to aquire 50 points and win the senior scramble.

Regular visitor Riverside's Doug Grantham played well for 45 to be second.

Grant Morgan with 45 headed the juniors.

Scramble Results (Stableford):



Longest Putt:

Closest to the Pin:


30 September: Pitchford Trophy Final

Charlie Coles and John McCormick are the 2018 Pitchford Trophy Champions. In a very closely fought out final, Coles and McCormick overcame Derek Boyle and Hans Nieremeijer 1 up.


Steve Law decided that it was time to play good golf for the first time in a while and left the field in his dust by scoring 50 points. After proudly bringing up a ton at Te Awamutu on Tuesday, 17 handicapper, Law went to the other extreme and shot 75 off the stick. Dave Seager was the next best with 44 points followed by Scott Law. Scott Law posted his second consecutive under par round with a tidy 68.

Addy Nieremeijer didn't want to have to drive Hans home and posted 50 points to ensure that wouldn't happen, Her score just happened to win the junior division also. Charlie Coles played well for 44 points for second with Paul Davie one point back on 43.

Scramble Results (Stableford)





Closest to the pin

Longest Putt


23rd September: Pitchford Trophy Semi Finals

Another beautiful Spring day greeted the semi-finalists of the Pitchford Trophy on Sunday. Charlie Coles and partner John McCormick took on Rob Taylor and Brent Keene in the first semi and came up trumps. Coles was the difference here recording a 66 nett. The other semi-final was a close affair. Hans Nieremeijer and Derek Boyle took the honours on the 18th hole over Phillip Eyre and Paul Davie. On the 18th Hole, Hans Nieremeijer hit the approach of the day on 18 to 5 feet. This put the pressure on Davie, the only other player that could halve the hole with a birdie. He couldn't find the inspiration however and the match was taken by Nieremeijer and Boyle.

Goodwright Contracting Scramble

The members of Pirongia Golf Club would like to thank Goodwright Contracting for sponsoring todays scramble.

Scoring was a lot better in the Junior division than the seniors today. Many of the seniors found the dry and hard greens unreceptive and with many pins cut near the front, it was hard to stop an approach near the pins. Barry Fordham excelled in the conditions however, scoring a wopping 47 points and cleaning out the junior division by 5 points. Three players, Dave Peryer, Ian Grey and Charlie Coles all tied for 2nd.

Scott Law found some magic on the 18th hole to seal the senior scramble honours. He put his tee shot through the green and then chipped in for a eagle 2 and finished with 40 points. Kevin Appleby and Derek Boyle were tied for 2nd on 38 points.

Scramble Results (Stableford)




Closest to the Pin:

Longest Putt:

16th September: Pitchford Trophy Round 1

With only 8 pairs entered into the Pirchford Trophy this year, the shortened competitionstarted today. Rob Taylor and Brent Keene were to consistent and were able to comfortably beat Scott Law and Ben Vincent 4 and 2. They will meet Charlie Coles and John McCormick in the semi-final after Coles and McCormick took care of Kevin Nickson and Dave Lamb. The other semi final will see Phillip Eyre and Paul Davie meet Derek Boyle and Hans Nieremeijer. Eyre and Davie beat Gary Bowman and Tyne Watts while Boyle and Nieremeijer beat Barry Cavey and Terry Charlesworth.


Ray Shay came out of hibernation with a rush today. Playing for the first time since March, he proceeded to rack up 45 points to win the Junior scramble. Kevin Nickson wasn't far behind with 43 points and Jack Hjorth was 3rd with 42 points. Gary Russo continied his good form of late to win the senior scramble with 41 points from steve Law on 39 and John McCormick on 38.

Scramble Results (Stableford):





Longest Putt:

Closest to the Pin:

9th September: Scott Law Completes Triple Double.

Scott Law has completd the triple double (strope play, match play champion) today after winning the Pirongia Golf Clubs Match Play Champs.

After postponement last Sunday, the weather was a treat today but a strengthening winds made conditions trickey. Law jumped out to a 5 up lead in the opening fron 9 after shooting a 3 under total of 33. Dave Seager had no answer for Laws efforts. Both players then struggled on the back nine but wins on the 17th and 18th saw Seager cut Law's lead to 3 up.

After lunch, Seager continued to claw himself back into the match and after 27 holes Law's lead was down to 1. The back nine continued in the same vain with Law opening doors and Seager taking advantage. Seager won both the 29th and 30th to take the lead for the first time. The pair traded holes on the 31st and 32nd before Law made birdie on the 33rd to level the scores. Law then made a good 8 foot putt on the 34th to keep the match all square. Pars on the 35th saw both players headong down 18 all square.

An agressive drive by Law down 18 left him 30 meters short of the green. Seager went more conservative and had 100 meters to the pin but had to avoid the tree 20 meters ahead. Unfortunately, Seager pulled the shot slightly and it caught the tree, essentially ending the match then and there. Law calmly chipped and putted out for a par to win 1 up.

The intermediate champion is Rob Taylor after he dominated his match against Phillip Eyre. After 18 holes, Taylor was comfortable at 5 up. Eyre tried valliantly and cut the lead to 3 after 27 holes but couldn't improve on that and eventually went down 4 and 3.

Don Matson won the Junior division after Dave Strawbridge had to default with a back problem. Ross Scown beat Terry Charlesworth 2 and 1 to take out the Junior B division.

Scramble Results:

Senior (Par):

Junior (Par):


Longest Putt:

Closest to the Pin:

2nd September: Match Play Finals Postponed

Due to the forcast weather, a good early call was made to postpone the match play finals unti the 9th September. Initially, the weather held off, but about 10:00 the heaven opened and steady rain persisted for the morning. 

Fifteen hardy soles turned out anyway and managed to play nine holes before play was discontinued. In the conditions, the scoring was still very good. Addy Nieremeijer was the best with 22 points ahead of five others on 21.

Scramble Results (Stableford):


Longest Putt:

Closest to the Pin:

Drone Flyover of 1st hole.

I am slowly in the process of adding flyovers of the holes to "The Course" page. To see an example of what it may look like click here to see the first hole.

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Making the Pirongia Golf Club unique is the race track, integrated into the course, which is used once a year for the well known Pirongia Boxing Day races. The transformation of the golf course to a race track, with attendances of up to 10,000 people, and then back to a golf course, with just over one days play unavailable, bears testimony to another invaluable characteristic of Pirongia ... a great spirit of co-operation and voluntary help. It is this which also enables the golf club to keep the course in a neat and tidy condition, whilst maintaining very low costs of membership.

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