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Best scores

Best of the year, 2018

Mens Gross - 67 - Ash Smith - 28th January

Mens Nett - 59 - Terry Charlesworth - 11th January

Womens Gross - 79 - Denise Goile - 22nd March

Womens Nett - 62 - Addy Nieremeijer - 7th January

Best of July

Mens Gross - 69 - Dave Seager  - 1st July

Mens Nett - 65 - Scott Law, Brent Keene - 1st July

Womens Gross - 97 - Denise Goile - 1st July

Womens Nett - 76 - Addy Nieremeijer - 1st July

Presidents Welcome


Hello and welcome to the Pirongia Golf Club website. We hope that its contents are of value, whether you intend being a casual visitor or a potential club member.

Most clubs have a characteristic or two which sets them apart from other clubs and Pirongia is no exception. An obvious feature is the background setting of Mount Pirongia with its tidy, pastured,lower slopes, contrasting against the bush clad upper reaches. The close proximity to the bush provides, particularly during the spring months, an abundance of tui, as well as smaller numbers of kaka (NZ native parrot) and kereru, our native pigeon. Additional to this, the Waipa River and its tributary, the Mangapiko Stream, enhance the view from parts of the course.

Making the Pirongia Golf Club unique is the race track, integrated into the course, which is used once a year for the well known Pirongia Boxing Day races. The transformation of the golf course to a race track, with attendances of up to 10,000 people, and then back to a golf course, with just over one days play unavailable, bears testimony to another invaluable characteristic of Pirongia ... a great spirit of co-operation and voluntary help. It is this which also enables the golf club to keep the course in a neat and tidy condition, whilst maintaining very low costs of membership.

Should your visit coincide with our club day and our usual tee-off times, please make yourself known to the starting official who will arrange a playing group for you. Your presence is most welcome and we wish you an enjoyable round.

Thank you for visiting our website.

Latest News and Results

15th July: Stroke Play Champs Round 2

The weather has had an impact on the Stroke Play fields this week. Both the Junior and Junior B fields are down to two competitors while the Seniors and Intermediates still have eight players.

Scott Law played well enough to double his second round lead from one shot to two. He compiled a 75 to Dave Seagers' 76. Sean Bonenkamp was the major mover on the day compiling an eventful 71. He now sits 5 shots back of Law.

Rob Taylor will take a two shot lead over Bill Fox into the final round next Sunday. Ken Bardsley and John McCormick are poised one shot further back.

Barry Cavey has a nine shot lead over his only rival, Dave Strawbridge, and will be aiming for an error free final round. Ross Scown has an eight shot lead in the Junior B division and will be looking to do the same thing.

Senior Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Total
Scott Law 70 73 75   218
Dave Seager 69 75 76   220
Sean Bonenkamp 79 73 71   223
Gary Bowman 77 76 76   229
Tyne Watts 79 76 76   231
Andrew Parsons 81 76 81   238
Andrew Johnston 83 80 85   248
Intermediate Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Total
Rob Taylor 84 86 87   257
Bill Fox 84 88 87   259
Ken Bardsley 85 85 90   260
John McCormick 89 84 87   260
Phillip Eyre 86 90 87   263
Derek Boyle 90 88 86   264
Kevin Appleby 88 93 87   268
Junior Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Total
Barry Cavey 93 94 87   274
Dave Strawbridge 91 97 95   283
Junior B Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Total
Ross Scown 100 98 96   294
Kevin Nickson 97 107 98   302


Longest Putt:

Closest to the Pin:

Match Play Entries

Match Play Championship entries can be made on the sheet in the clubhouse or by contacting Don Matson (027 494 2606, don.matson@xtra.co.nz)

8th July: Stroke Play Champs Round 2

Defending Champion, Scott Law has taken a 1 shot lead after day 2 of the championship. Law shot a 1 over par 73 to drop 1 shot and is currently on 143, 1 under par. Closest rival, Dave Seager shot a second round 75 to be even par. Sean Bonenkamp had an improved 73 to sit in third, 9 shots back.

Rob Taylor remained tied for the lead in the intermediate division with Ken Bardsley. Bill Fox Bill Fox sits in third, 2 shots back.

Barry Cavey has a 1 shot lead over Dave Strawbridge in the Junior Division. Paul Davie sits in third 7 shots behind. These three will fight it out for the honours with all other competitors pulling out.

Ross Scown leads the Junior B division by six shots from Kevin Nickson. Ron Cogswell is in third 13 shots back.

Scramble Results (Nett):


  1. Jack Dunn; 67

  2. John McCormick; 68

  3. Scott Law; 68

  4. Gary Bowman; 68

  5. Andrew Parsons; 69

  6. Dave Seager; 69

  7. Tyne Watts; 69

  8. Andrew Johnston; 70

  9. Ken Bardsley; 71


  1. Ross Scown; 70

  2. Barry Cavey; 74

  3. Dave Strawbridge; 75

  4. Jim Dunn; 75

  5. Paul Davie; 75

  6. Kevin Nickson; 79


Closest to the Pin:

Longest Putt:

1st July: Stroke Play Champs Round 1

Round 1 of the Pirongia Mens Stroke Play Champs got started today. In the senior division, Dave Seager shot a 3 under 69 to take a 1 shot lead over Scott Law. Brent Keene shot 75 and is currently in 3rd, 1 shot ahead of Josh Law and Ben Vincent.

Bill Fox and Rob Taylor shot 84 to lead the intermediate division by 1 shot. Ken Bardsley is in third, 1 shot back, with Phillip Eyre a further shot off the pace.

Dave Strawbridge has a 2 shot lead in the junior division over Barry Cavey. Dave Lamb, Paul Davie and John Bojeson-Trepska are all a further 2 shots back.

Kevin Nickson holds the lead in the Junior B division. His 97 is 3 hots ahead of bot hRoss Scown and Grant Clow.


Senior (0 - 12 h'cap)

  1. Dave Seager; 69

  2. Scott Law; 70

  3. Brent Keene; 75

  4. Josh Law; 76

  5. Ben Vincent; 76

  6. Gary Bowman; 77

  7. Tyne Watts; 79

  8. Sean Bonenkamp; 79

  9. Andrew Parsons; 81

  10. Ben Jefferies; 81

  11. Andrew Johnston; 83

Intermediate (13 - 18)

  1. Bill Fox; 84

  2. Rob Taylor; 84

  3. Ken Bardsley; 85

  4. Phillip Eyre; 86

  5. Steve Law; 88

  6. Kevin Appleby: 88

  7. Garry Russo; 88

  8. John McCormick; 89

  9. Derek Boyle; 90

  10. Jack Hjorth; 94

Junior (19 - 24 h'cap)

  1. David Strawbridge; 91

  2. Barry Cavey; 93

  3. Dave Lamb; 95

  4. Paul Davie; 95

  5. John Bojeson-Trepska; 95

  6. Charlie Coles; 101

  7. Don Matson; 108

Junior B (25+ h'cap)

  1. Kevin Nickson; 97

  2. Ross Scown; 100

  3. Grant Clow; 100

  4. Ron Cogswell; 102

  5. Terry Charlesworth; 105

  6. Dave Peryer; 110

  7. Pat Ryan; 115


Scramble (Nett)


  1. Dave Seager; 63

  2. Scott Law; 65

  3. Brent Keene; 65

  4. Rob Taylor; 69

  5. Gary Bowman; 69

  6. Bill Fox; 70

  7. Ken Bardsley; 71

  8. Steve Law; 71

  9. Tyne Watts; 72


  1. Dave Strawbridge; 69

  2. Kevin Nickson; 69

  3. Grant Clow; 70

  4. Paul Davie; 71

  5. Ross Scown; 72

  6. Dave Lamb; 72

  7. Ron Cogswell; 73

  8. Barry Cavey; 73

  9. Addy Nieremeijer; 73


Closest to the Pin:

Longest Putt:


24th June: President Presides over Captains Trophy

President, Terry Charlesworth (junior) and partner John McCormick (senior) teamed up to convincingly win the captains trophy. Their combined net score of 135 was 7 under par and two shots clear of Bill Fox and Adrian Elliot.

The scramble running alongside the Captains Trophy was based on net. Phillip Eyre won the senior competition by lot from Scott Law with 65 nett. Terry Charlesworth finished one shot ahead of Adrian Elliot in the Junior division.

Scramble Results (Nett)




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Longest Putt

Information about Pirongia Golf Club Fundraising Raffle

There are 200 tickets at $50 per ticket and they can be bought by anyone and they can even be syndicated. Every fully paid-up ticket goes in a draw for $50 each week for 10 weeks commencing on Sunday 27th May and each ticket may win this weekly draw only once. On the 11th week (Sunday 5th August at 4.00pm), all tickets go in the main draw irrespective of whether they have won a $50 prize or not. The main draw has a first prize of $2,500; a second prize of $1,000; and a third prize of $500. To assist buyers, tickets may be paid off in $10 (or multiples of $10) instalments but will not be included in any draw until the ticket is paid in full. The weekly draws will be done on a Sunday afternoon at the Golf Club at the conclusion of the days prize-giving. The odds of winning a prize are just on 1 in 15 which is about the best odds you will ever find.

The purpose of the raffle is to start repaying debentures to members of the Club. These debentures were taken out when the Club had to replace its tractor.

Tickets can be purchased from various Club members or by contacting the Club Captain (Don Matson) on 027-4942606 or emailing him at don.matson@xtra.co.nz


Drone Flyover of 1st hole.

I am slowly in the process of adding flyovers of the holes to "The Course" page. To see an example of what it may look like click here to see the first hole.

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