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The course is situated approximately 30 kms south of Hamilton and 12 kms north west of Te Awamutu.

Find us approximately 1km north of the centre of Pirongia village on State Highway 39. (Kakaramea Road, Pirongia).

Putting Green Sponsored by the Waikato Milking Systems

Hole 1. Challenge.

Men 321m, Par 4 Stroke 5

Women 321m, Par 4 Stroke 5

A straight away par 4 to start your round. Several options off the tee. A driver through a narrow neck leaves you with a simple pitch, but wayward tee shots will set up an early test of your golf. An iron off the tee keeps you short of the neck, leaving a mid iron into this back to front sloping green. Watch the out of bounds that runs close by the left of this green.

Sponsored by the Gouda Cheese Shop

Hole 2. Blacksmith.

Men 117m, Par 3 Stroke 15

Women 114m, Par 3 Stroke 17

A straight forward short par 3 but the pin position on this green can leave you with some testing putts.

Sponsored by Waikato Tractors

Hole 3. Longfellow.

Men 479m, Par 5 Stroke 3

Women 396m, Par 5 Stroke 9

Hitting long into a wide open fairway for both your tee and second shots will leave a short approach shot into a narrow two tiered green. Missing the green left or right is the biggest threat to your par. Watch the out of bounds that runs down the left of this hole.

Sponsored by the Alexandra Racing Club

Sponsored by Ray White - Neville Kemp

Hole 4. Blue Gum.

Men 360m, Par 4 Stroke 1

Women 316m, Par 4 Stroke 3

This left to right dogleg par 4 is a good test of golf. A long straight or slight left to right tee shot sets up an approach into a large, flat green protected by a bunker on the right hand side. Out of bounds runs all the way down the left and trees from the corner down to the green can lead to a big number.

Sponsored by Livingstone

Sponsored by Red Bins - Envirowaste Services Ltd

Hole 5. The Menace.

Men 164m, Par 3 Stroke 9

Women 158m, Par 3 Stroke 11

Hitting a mid iron to a large flat green with very little break sounds easy. The out of bounds that runs close down the left of this hole will get you thinking though.

Sponsored by Waitomo Mobil Petroleum

Hole 6. Mangapiko.

Men 390m, Par 5 Stroke 17

Women 390m, Par 5 Stroke 7

No better chance for birdie than this right to left dogleg par 5. Hit the tee shot with a bit of right to left should leave you with a long to mid iron (long hitters may even have a short iron) into another flat green. Just be mindful of the out of bounds that runs down the left side of this hole and make sure you have enough club to clear the bunkers that protect the front of this green.

Sponsored by Truline Stairways

Hole 7. Alexandra.

Men 347m, Par 4 Stroke 7

Women 337m, Par 4 Stroke 1

Hitting a centre/left drive will leave a straight forward approach into this back to front sloping green. Shrubs on the right can be penal.

Sponsored by Crowe Horwath

Hole 8. Paterangi.

Men 441m, Par 5 Stroke 11

Women 390m, Par 5 Stroke 13

A straight par 5, the tee shot here is everything. The narrow neck catches a poorly hit drive. For longer hitters trees left and right can force you to lay up for your third. A long straight drive gives you a green light to go for it. The green is flat and protected by a bunker on the right.

Sponsored by Nufarm

Sponsored by Ryken Farms Ltd

Hole 9. Mt View.

Men 150m, Par 3 Stroke 13

Women 150m, Par 3 Stroke 15

No excuses here. A mid iron tee shot into a back to front sloping green. Keep away from the trees on the right though. They seldom drop a catch!

Sponsored by Wheeler Fencing Ltd

Hole 10. The Wrecker.

Men 352m, Par 4 Stroke 4

Women 291m, Par 4 Stroke 10

A challenging right to left dogleg par 4. A centre right tee shot is ideal here. Long and left will leave a challenging approach over a couple of tall trees. The large green slopes back to front.

Sponsored by AMI Insurance

Sponsored by Bowers Concrete

Hole 11. Raceway.

Men 309m, Par 4 Stroke 10

Women 304m, Par 4 Stroke 8

This short par 4 with a slight dogleg to the right can catch you out. Trees up the right will catch a wayward drive and lead to some creative shot making. An approach from wide left can drift out of bounds, especially if the southerly is blowing.

Sponsored by Pratt Milking Limited

Pratt Milking Limited

Hole 12. The Stalls.

Men 268m, Par 4 Stroke 16

Women 255m, Par 4 Stroke 14

This short par 4 should cause few problems. A mid to long iron tee shot down the middle of this fairway leaves a short pitch to this green. Wayward tee shots down the left may have to work hard for par.

Sponsored by Wrathall's Concrete

Sponsored by Vetora

Hole 13. The Drop.

Men 112m, Par 3 Stroke 12

Women 108m, Par 3 Stroke 18

Hitting off an elevated tee to a green that slopes off on all sides. Sounds easy, looks easy, but it does not play easy. If you cannot hit the green, then short siding yourself is, unusually, the easiest way to get up and down.

Sponsored by PGG Wrightson

Hole 14. The Pond.

Men 315m, Par 4 Stroke 2

Women 303m, Par 4 Stroke 2

A relatively easy tee shot over a small lake into a wide fairway. Longer hitters may have their approach affected by the lone willow near the top of the hill and everyone should try to avoid going into the paddock. Take one extra club for this uphill approach into the prevailing wind. The green is again large with a slight right to left slope.

Sponsored by Magill's Meats

Hole 15. Matakitaki.

Men 404m, Par 5 Stroke 8

Women 398m, Par 5 Stroke 6

A real risk/reward this dogleg right hole. The more of the corner you take on the shorter your second shot becomes. However, if you are unsuccessful, you are facing a big number. All that is needed here is a solid shot to the top of the hill followed by a good second into a wide fairway leaving a short approach into this two tiered green.

Sponsored by Fairview Motors Ford Ltd

Hole 16. Home Along.

Men 155m, Par 3 Stroke 14

Women 155m, Par 3 Stroke 16

A relatively easy par three with the only trouble being trees on the right and front left. Take enough club, hit a good shot and you should be sweet!!

Sponsored by Alexandra Hotel

Hole 17. Sundown.

Men 425m, Par 5 Stroke 6

Women 425m, Par 5 Stroke 4

After a relatively simple drive, you are faced with a decision to go for it or not. Going for the green requires a long straight shot. Tall trees short left and green high right may turn your birdie into a scrambling par. The green slopes steeply back to front so keep your ball below the hole.

Sponsored by Ray White - Neville Kemp

Hole 18. Rima's Retreat.

Men 280m, Par 4 Stroke 18

Women 280m, Par 4 Stroke 12

This relatively easy finishing hole requires two solid shots into the back to front sloping green. Hitting driver may leave you in the trees left or right. Hit your second solid to avoid the bunker short on the right. Good luck putting for your birdie.

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