We warmly welcome new members to Pirongia Golf Club. Subscriptions for 2017 are as follow:

Sub type

Notes or limitations

Sub fee

Full Playing NZGolf Handicap $470
Full Student (18-21) NZGolf Handicap $240
Full Student NZGolf Handicap (under 18) $110
Full Summer NZGolf Handicap (Available only during the months of daylight saving) $235
9-hole NZGolf 9-hole handicap $295
Limited (all year) $270
Limited summer (Available only during the months of daylight saving) $150
Limited school child   $50
Special Sub New to golf? Returning to golf after time away? Ring Charlie

For any membership queries please email Charlie Coles: ccoles@xtra.co.nz, or phone/fax 07 871 9880.

To apply for membership you may either:

1. download, print and complete the PDF Membership Application Form and mail it to: Charlie Coles, 317 Ormsby Rd, RD 6, Te Awamutu 3876 (or fax it to 07 871 9880), or

2. complete this online application.

In all cases you will need to make payment prior to your membership being accepted.

Online membership application form

Contact details


Previous club information (if any)

Title Name of previous club
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Your first name* Previous club membership ID number
Your email address
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Post code
Home phone number
Mobile phone number
Date of birth**
Type of subscription
I intend to pay by:
Proposed by (if applicable)
If my membership application is accepted I agree to abide by the rules of the club. You may read the club rules here.

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** required for student sub

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